Gay novels, boom in the United States

Gay novels, boom in the United States

Only on the heels of Pride did news arrive that, if it got to him, some Italian politicians who are particularly active these days would probably anger some particularly active Italian politicians on issues of gender identity; But it will be necessary to deal with it even on the right, both in Italy and when they go to gatherings in Spain. In the United States, where even supremacy and supremacy are not joking at all, there is a boom in books that can be categorized in the LGBT category, i.e., world and gay and transgender topics. This is approved by the NPD BookScan research institute, which dictates the law relating to the book market. And data that refers only to the field of fiction (and therefore not articles or works on political, ideological, scientific or militant topics), says something new and perhaps unexpected: in 2021, 5 million copies were collected in sales.

It seems to be nothing, if we compare them to more than 405 million from last year for the entire “fantasy” sector, but it is completely weak compared to 2020; While for the current year there is already an increase of about 30 percent in May. In other words, the narrative attributed to the LGBT sector (both for children, both known as YA, i.e. youth, and finally to adults) is out of place and expanding rapidly. Something like that, but we are in sensations or in any case in non-systematic reflections, it is clear that it is also happening in Europe – and in Italy – but the US data accurately depicts a phenomenon that has been historically underestimated for a long time.

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Moreover, they assert, in a situation where the attack of the more fundamentalist right on the books dealing with these issues or dealing with them in any case becomes more urgent. There is not only a culture of cancellation, it is considered leftist. There is also opposing pressure on schools and libraries. Often these attacks are scattered (and thus nothing new on the Western Front) and sometimes fail, as happened recently for the campaign group Mothers for Freedom: they tried to persuade public libraries and schools to accept books as gifts against LGBT people. , but despite a great deal of activity, it ended in failure. Is there a relationship between the opening phenomena and political ideology? Perhaps not cause and effect, but there is no doubt that these campaigns, let’s say a little fanatic, meanwhile brought luck to the opponents. Someone warns the Italian “mothers”. And maybe Meloni.

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