Three students from Parentucelli Arzelà leave for the United States

Three students from Parentucelli Arzelà leave for the United States

The three students of the Instituto Parentucelli Arzelà, recipients of the scholarship provided as part of the Italy-US cooperation project, already have their portfolios ready so that they can devote themselves to English language proficiency and cultural exchange with the realities of the American school.

These are three men from the touring address: exactly the Aurora Passani class 5E, Michele Biggi 5n and Simone Esposito 5M. A three-week period awaits them in the United States after about ten days in contact with Annapolis High School in Maryland. Then came the visit of the Twin School in response in the spring of 2023 with the arrival of three American students in Val di Magra.

The project, as is known, was supported last academic year by the Embassy of Italy and was made possible by the contribution of Maeci, promoter of the Casa Italiana Language School in Washington, DC.

The students of Sarzana and Annapolis, who meet each month in virtual mode, had the opportunity to strengthen ties, deepen mutual dialogue and expand cultural knowledge between the two countries, as well as enhance language skills for communication and understanding in both languages. Given the success of the initiative, a duplicate is being prepared for the current academic year.

Aurora, Michele and Simon received from the hands of Parentucelli Director Arzelà Generoso Cardinale the ticket and all recommendations regarding the trip and the cultural stage. It took place during a small ceremony held at the Presidency in the presence of the converted teachers (Michella Chiapini, Alessandra Dono, Ilaria Casabianca, Manuela Maria Bernardini) and some parents.

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Cardinal Cardinal invited the three students to become ambassadors of the Parentucelli Arzelà School, overcoming feelings and opening this new course of Sarzanese High School education with good conduct. The boys have shown an interest in the scholarship, and are happy to open up to a whole new experience. Parents expressed expressions of encouragement to their children on the eve of a trip abroad, hoping that it would be the first in a long line in the times of globalization.

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