US, 800,000 doses of monkeypox on the way. It’s an emergency in New York State

US, 800,000 doses of monkeypox on the way.  It’s an emergency in New York State

grows in it United State Concern about possible spread monkeypox Even if US officials announced the arrival of 800,000 these days Vaccines. This is an important number but still not enough to cover the people most at risk of contracting the virus. And no more doses will arrive until October, the Washington Post reported.

Meanwhile, the governor said New YorkShe, Kathy Hauckol, declared a state of emergency. “After reviewing the latest monkeypox epidemic data in New York State, I am declaring a state of emergency to strengthen our efforts to counter it. epidemicThe governor said in a statement posted on the administration’s website. Hokol noted that one in four cases of infection in the United States has actually occurred in New York State. “My team and I are working 24 hours out of 24 to deliver more vaccines, expand testing and educate the public in a responsible way on how to stay safe during the outbreak.”

It is clear from the first calculations that even with new supplies, the United States will have only the doses needed to vaccinate one-third of the population that adopts the sexual habits that are considered high riskPosition reports. The United States likely needs 3.2 million doses to cover the full range of vulnerable citizens, J. Stephen Morrison, director of the Center for Global Health Policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said in a recent podcast. And by the end of 2022, he added, there won’t even be 2 million doses.

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“The United States must continue to increase the supply of vaccines and must move quickly to implement a comprehensive distribution approach to dramatically increase equitable access to vaccines,” said Daniel McQuillan, president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Administration Biden He hopes to keep up with the outbreak by sending additional doses, Axios’ Arielle Dreher reports. But if cases increase and demand increases, President Biden may have to ask for more money from Congress Or declaring a public health emergency, Dreher writes.

Critics have already criticized federal officials for their slow response to the virus outbreak in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Associated Press reports. But the two cases are completely different. The United States had more than 1 million stored doses of monkeypox while a coronavirus vaccine was not available at the start of the pandemic. COVID-19.

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