Connecticut submarine captain torpedoed after crash in United States

From Guido Olympio

In the first days of October, according to the Pentagon edition, the nuclear unit hit the mountain underwater not marked on the map: the captain and other officers made mistakes, did not monitor, did not follow procedures.

The U.S. Navy Commander did the torpedo Connecticut submarine And two of his closest associates. Serious action after the episode in the first days of October In the South China Sea The nuclear unit struck the mountain under the sea, which is not marked on the maps, according to the Pentagon. The captain and other officers – motivated – made mistakes, did not monitor, did not follow procedures. All of this affected the chain of events as further the accident could have been avoided. History has become the subject of analysis. It can not be different. In the meantime, for the ship involved: A sophisticated $ 3 billion vehicle.

So to the theater: There is a constant war with China in the Pacific. According to experts, Captain Cameron Algelani may have used Sonar to see the ban, but probably could not because he was on a covert mission. Its activity risked indicating its status. The rating is accompanied by assumptions: who are He did not rule out the possibility that he may have collided with a vehicle during a maneuver in hostile waters. Also, the paradigms were recalled, beginning with the episode in January 2005 when San Francisco hit the underwater relief while going at full speed. Even in that case it did not appear on the ban cards.

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For its part, Beijing has hit hard at Washington Clarification. Perhaps the Chinese do not know what happened or avoid saying it in order not to reveal intelligence. Anyway they know the intrusions. Along with strategic considerations are the tragedies of the Seventh Fleet. The Navy has experienced training problems, has shown hierarchical shortcomings, and has reported major incidents ranging from shipwreck to collisions in fires.

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