“Ukrainian counteroffensive makes continuous progress” – Corriere.it

“Ukrainian counteroffensive makes continuous progress” – Corriere.it

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Ramstein (Germany) – US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd AustinHe opens the Contact Group on Ukraine Summit in Ramstein, Germany, with a three-point message. Firstly: “The Ukrainian counterattack is making steady progress on the groundThanks to the courage of the Ukrainian army and the help of the allies.” Second: “We must certainly continue to send the weapons that the Ukrainians need. The United States will send everything necessary to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity.” The third point is the most political: «The United States’ commitment will not only continue in this campaign. “It is a commitment to the long-term security of Europe and beyond.”

The first part of the message is clear: the war continues and the coalition formed by Washington will not collapse “as had been hoped.” Russian President Vladimir PutinL. In fact, the opposite is true. “Time will never be on the side of dictators.” But Austin goes further. His words seem to allay fears that American support may weaken in the coming months, when the presidential election campaign gets underway. Of course, the implicit reference is to “Trump version”.

In recent weeks, concern has spread in many European capitals that the former president, If he returns to the White HouseMay cut off military aid to the Ukrainian resistance.

Maybe Austin’s exit will come first The position on Ukraine that Joe Biden will always explain todayTuesday, September 19, at the United Nations General Assembly.

Then the Minister of Defense moved to the military entitlement: “At this stage, air defense is extremely important. We must continue to strive to provide much-needed air defense systems to Ukraine. “Moreover, ammunition is needed.”

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This is the fifteenth meeting of the “Contact Group” that includes NATO countries, including Italy, and other countries such as Australia, Japan and South Korea. In addition to plenary sessions, different countries are working on Specific “tasks” to train Ukrainian soldiers to fly F-16 aircraftCheetah tanks and anti-aircraft batteries. Digital technology for cyber security.

Austin particularly thanked Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland “for stepping forward and leading some of these missions.”

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