Pixels with two SIM cards active simultaneously: traces in Android 14

Pixels with two SIM cards active simultaneously: traces in Android 14

Come here pixel It will be possible to use it soon Two slices At the same time In DSDA modeThat’s by saying Dual SIM dual active. This was revealed by Mishal Rahman, who identified some strings in the Android 14 code that explicitly reference this functionality. It is not known when Google will provide it, it will likely be released with one of the following features built on the new operating system.

It is necessary to make some clarifications: First of all, the DSDA function can only be implemented for its own sake Some pixel models And not for everyone. It cannot be ruled out that the matter will be limited to the Pixel 7/7 Pro and later versions. Another aspect to note is The difference between DSDA and DSDS.

On the Google support page we read:

If you have a Pixel 3a or later, you can use two SIM cards: a physical SIM and an eSIM. You can choose which SIM card to use for a specific action, for example to send messages or call. This option is called Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS).

Basically, from Pixel 3a onwards, users can use a physical SIM + virtual SIM (eSIM), but Only one is active and the other is in standby mode.

DSDA – Dual SIM Dual Active is the function that allows you to do just that Use two SIM cards simultaneously Without the limitations that Dual SIM Dual Standby offers. For example, you will be able to call using SIM 1 and navigate at the same time using SIM 2. Moreover, Mishal Rahman had already reported some details in the past:

[…] It can make and receive calls via two SIM cards simultaneously.

For DSDA-enabled devices, we will not disconnect calls on the first line while receiving a new call on the second line.

(Updated 18 September 2023 at 8.40pm)

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