September 28, 2022

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“Putin has thyroid cancer. A specialist has accompanied him at least 35 times during his travels.” The Kremlin denies this

Russian President Vladimir Putin he have “thyroid cancer” And for the past four years, he’s been with him at least 35 occasions From Endocrinologist. This is supported by independent Russian media Proekt In a long investigation, he made a list Personal Doctors Accompany the Russian President on his travels. “Since the beginning First semester Putin, the Kremlin began to hide information from him the health From the young boss back then, even when he fell from him a horseinjures himself in the back,” as stated in the article.

“Sheikh Putin is now accompanied by a large team of doctors, including a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer,” Proekt explains. The Russian president often visits a doctor who specializes in the surgical treatment of this tumor. Comes in second place Proektendocrinologist at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow Yevgeny Silivanovwhich would have accompanied Putin on his trips at least 35 times in four years.

The revelations by independent media prompted the Kremlin to respond to the investigation. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitriy PeskovHe denied the news: according to what I reported Pravda On Twitter, quoted by the former director of Moscow Eco, Alexey Venediktov. When asked: “Did you understand that Vladimir Putin does not have cancer?” “Yes,” Peskov answered, Venediktov wrote on his Telegram channel.

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