Ukraine War, Caracciolo Reveals US Plans for Europe: An Imbalance

Ukraine War, Caracciolo Reveals US Plans for Europe: An Imbalance

The war in Ukraine redraws the balance in Europe. The global scenario is developing and major players such as the United States are heading to influence the roles and powers in the old continent. Lucio Caracciolo, director of Limes, explains that in Joe Biden’s plans for the United States there are two distinct regions, namely Poland and Scandinavia that will have an increasingly central role, he wrote in La Stampa. More weight would end up “lightening” the weight of Germany and France.

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Warsaw is a close relative, wrote the expert geopolitical journalist who remembers how “the view” from Washington was. Much more than an ally. Axis of the first line of anti-Russian containment.” In short, the Polish side is precious to Biden and central to “the supply of weapons to Kiev.”

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But what does the United States want to do? Caracciolo explains that “America’s goal is to prevent China from claiming supremacy over the world in the twenty-first century,” and to do so it cannot go to war directly against Russia. Washington needs “partners” in Europe that “are able to participate in containing Russia without demanding much from America.” The Franco-German axis would therefore have to give way to the Scandinavian-Polish axis as Warsaw aimed to “assert itself as the greatest military power in Europe”.

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