Ukraine, there are two wars: the United States is trying to reassert control

Ukraine, there are two wars: the United States is trying to reassert control

Keep looking at Ukraine as if it was a war started by Putin, followed by a defensive reaction from the West It’s totally wrong. It seems to me quite clear that there are two wars today, one declared by Russia and the other by NATO. Two wars that took the first second as an excuse but have completely independent dynamics, goals and purposes. The United States is not launching a defensive war for Ukraine, but an offensive war to re-establish its domain all over the world. The Italian government, in a guilty violation of the Constitution, led us into this war which in all respects was constituted as the beginning of the Third World War. To see better.

The criminal war initiated by Putin has the characteristics of a regional conflict, and therefore it could have been Processing and managing. Issues related to the security of Russia and Ukraine and the end of the years-long civil war in Ukraine can and can be elaborated with mediationas we and the Pope have claimed in all these months. Germany also tried to reach a compromise in Februarywhich had proposed a negotiated solution and was rejected by the United States and Ukraine. A compromise can and must be sought today to end the war.

On the contrary, the United States, closely followed by the Western ruling classes, did not seek an agreement that would put an end to the war but unleashed all-out war, economicMilitary media. It is a war made to last, because the goal of the United States is not peace but the continuation of a non-nuclear war that takes advantage of the Ukrainian government’s desire to use its own land and people. to bleed Russia. It is no coincidence that the United States in no way wants a negotiation and settlement that could end the war in Ukraine. The excuse Biden uses to justify his global war that operates essentially on three levels will collapse:

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1) Trade sanctions. They are very large and point to bankrupt Russiaand lowering the standard of living of the population in order to bring about a mass uprising against the government or even to dissolve it. to starve for rebellion. Europe is at the head of this economic attack and is destined to pay the highest prices, with heavy recessive effects on its economy.

2) Information war. Abandoning all professional ethics is a shameful rule system information. On the other hand, any allegation by the Ukrainian government and Nazi militias was relaunched by the Western press without any verification. On the other hand, Russia requested the formation of an independent commission of inquiry by the United Nations into the Bukha massacre, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, blocked from Great Britain As current president, this does not raise any problems in the military press. The information was turned into a war propaganda system. In the name of democracy, everyone who thinks differently is criminalized.

3) The war is going on today by proxy, with the Ukrainian government hiring adult male soldiers under martial law. The supply of arms is on the rise and the American strategy, Moreover, it was announced by Clinton Since the beginning of March, Ukraine is diverting In the new AfghanistanDrowning Putin in an expensive war of attrition that will last as long as possible: that’s what the billionaire’s weapons appropriations are aimed at. It is a criminal choice in the first place against the Ukrainian people who are used as fodder for slaughter in a proxy war.

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It is no coincidence that the war initiated by Biden was aimed at destabilizing Russia, but its strategic goal was China, which NATO considered a strategic adversary. In fact, the two NATO summits held in recent months included countries friendly to the United States which is not part of the Atlantic Alliance It is located in the Pacific region (Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea). And as if that were not enough, in the statement of the Secretary-General of NATO at the end of the meeting on April 6-7, the Chinese danger was given a little less space than the danger of war with Russia …

The war Biden started wasn’t a reaction to Putin’s war in Ukraine, it was a world war to regain sovereignty Military, economic, and political affairs of the United States around the world. As Biden said on March 21: “There is going to be a new world order and we will have to lead it.” The real essence is that today’s world is no longer the unipolar world inherited from the United States after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but a world multipolarWhich does not in any way justify the sovereign position that the United States had and intends to continue to exercise. That is why the United States started this war, which we must oppose with all our might.

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