Ukraine, Mariupol under attack, 1207 dead. The bombing of the Zelensky Children’s Hospital: “atrocity” – the world

Ukraine, Mariupol under attack, 1207 dead.  The bombing of the Zelensky Children’s Hospital: “atrocity” – the world

Car corpses in the courtyard of the Children’s and Maternity Hospital in Mariupol, completely burned. In an instant, hopes for a less bloody day in Ukraine faded, after the opening of six humanitarian corridors. Overshadowed by the myriad drama of the innocent victims, women and children, left under the rubble due to a “horrific attack by Russian forces,” the president denounced. Volodymyr Zelensky. Images of the disaster immediately spread around the world, causing indignation and condemnation: pregnant women in shock were carried on a stretcher, bloodied ones helped out of the skeleton of the building by family members and rescuers. . For the Ukrainian authorities there is no doubt about the perpetrators. The head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Pavlo Kirilenko, announced that “the maternity hospital in the city center, the children’s ward and the internal medicine department were destroyed in the Russian air attack on Mariupol.” “The maternity ward no longer exists, and many women were wounded and killed,” the second man in the national police, Vyacheslav Abruskin, added, quoting eyewitnesses.

From Kyiv Zelensky accused the Russians of “a direct attack on the maternity hospital”, speaking of “children and women under the rubble.” After that, several injuries were confirmed, at least 17, including women in childbirth, but the number of victims is likely to rise. “atrocity”, the Ukrainian leader thundered, who renewed his appeal to Westerners to “close the skies” so that they do not become “partners”. “You have the power to do it, but you seem to lose humanity,” he said miserably. “In every negotiation, my goal is to end the war with Russia. I am also ready to take certain steps. Compromises can be reached but they should not be a betrayal of my country.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in an interview with Bild online newspaper. “The other side must also be willing to move, so they’re called compromises. That’s the only way we can get out of this situation. I can’t talk about details yet.” He concluded by saying, “We did not have direct contacts between the two presidents. Only after direct talks between the two presidents can we end this war.” The attack on the hospital is another severe blow to a city in “appalling” conditions due to the Russian blockade, as the Red Cross noted. Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov said that for the fifth day in a row, the mass evacuation attempt failed, because “we are under constant attack.” 1,207 casualties nine days after the Russian attacks on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. The mayor says so.

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Dozens were buried in mass graves. With residents without water, heating and electricity. Kyiv deplored that “more than 400,000 people are being held hostage.” But for the Russians, the narrative about the humanitarian catastrophe is still the opposite: It is the “horrific actions of Ukrainian nationalists” that are forcing civilians to stay to build barriers, the Moscow Defense Ministry said. In addition to Mariupol, the warring parties opened five more escape routes for civilians for 12 hours. In Sumy, in the northeast, and in Innerhodar, in the south, caravans of private cars and buses, especially women and children, set out without much trouble. On the contrary, according to the local authorities, the means with the displaced in the Kharkiv region of Izyum were “impeded by Russian bombardment”. Things did not go much better in the Kyiv corridor. Bucha Suburb City Council reports that 50 buses have been banned. In the Ukrainian capital, the humanitarian alarm is growing along with the approach of Russian tanks. Mayor Vitali Klitschko estimates that we can only have a “week” in a state of siege. He described the war, which reached “10 kilometers from the center”, Russian armored vehicles “having been there for two weeks” and soldiers “trying to make their way to the neighborhoods.” Local media reported that a Sukhoi fighter jet had fallen into an apartment building, while journalists on the ground reported that columns of tanks were approaching Brovary in the Great Eastern hinterland. The invasion continued on other fronts, and, according to London, the Russians would be ready to use any means to achieve victory. The British Defense Minister had announced that Moscow had confirmed the use of “thermal” missiles. And attach a video clip explaining the action of the missiles “already used by the Russians in Afghanistan and Chechnya”, and describing their “destructive effect”. While the Russian defense spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, was forced to admit for the first time the presence of recruits among the fighters involved in the attack in Ukraine after Putin confirmed the opposite only yesterday.

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that he does not have high expectations about tomorrow’s meetings in Turkey with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. “We are preparing to hold talks with his Russian counterpart, Minister Lavrov. They will be held tomorrow,” TASS news agency quoted Kuleba as saying in a video recording posted on his Facebook account. “Frankly, I have low expectations from the talks and I don’t put any high expectations on them,” he added.

Chernobyl power plant “completely closed” due to Russian attack. The accusation comes from KyivAccording to international media, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced after yesterday that it had “lost remote communication of data transmission with the Chernobyl protective systems.” Russian forces, according to the operators of the plant, disconnected the nuclear plant from the network. Ukrainian nuclear power company Energoatom, the Ukrainian state-owned company that operates four nuclear power plants on Ukrainian soil, says Chernobyl is running out of energy, which could prevent spent nuclear fuel cooling, potentially releasing radioactive materials. But the International Atomic Energy Agency denies this possibility. “There is no decisive impact on security” From a power outage in Chernobyl. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, given the time elapsed since the 1986 Chernobyl accident, “the heat load of the spent fuel tank and the volume of cooling water are sufficient to ensure effective thermal evacuation without electricity,” the agency explains on Twitter.

Kyiv could last “a week” only if Moscow’s forces surrounded it. This was stated by the mayor of the Ukrainian capitalAnd Vitali Klitschko confirmed in an interview with CNN that the city’s resources are only enough for seven days. “We need the planes now, help us,” was the mayor’s plea that indicated the possibility that Poland would send MiGs to Ukraine. “Kyiv is a target for Moscow,” he added.

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According to Russia, “some progress” has been made in negotiations with Ukraine. Russian diplomatic sources reveal this. Russian diplomatic sources said that Russia is not trying to “overthrow the Ukrainian government”.

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