Ukraine lives – Putin: “The success of our programs despite the sanctions.” American think tank: “His campaign in Donbass failed”

Ukraine lives – Putin: “The success of our programs despite the sanctions.”  American think tank: “His campaign in Donbass failed”

Zelensky on social media: “We will liberate all our lands”

“The first attacks, the first conquests, the first liberated territories. A year has passed since the Ukrainians pushed the greatest anti-human force of our time near Kiev. Ukrainians, you have stopped a power that despises and wants to destroy everything that gives people meaning,” the president wrote. Volodymyr Zelensky on social media. We will liberate all our lands. We will return the Ukrainian flag to all our cities and communities. He added that we will do our best to return Ukraine to its lands.

Kiev: “Kostyantinivka was bombed, 3 dead, 6 wounded”

At least three people were killed and six others were wounded in Russian shelling Kostyantynivkain the area DonetskThe head of the regional military administration declared, Pavlo Kirilenko. The Russian army bombed the central part of the city this morning, causing severe damage to multi-storey buildings and private homes. “At least three people were killed and six wounded in the bombing of Kostyantinivka,” he said.

Kiev: “We continue to fight for independence”

“We will continue to fight for the independence of our nation.” The head of the Ukrainian army, Commander Valery Zaluzhny, writes on Telegram on the day that marks the one year anniversary of the discovery of the corpses of civilians on the streets of Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian forces.

Kiev: “The Russians left some positions in Donetsk to launch a stronger attack on Verkhnetoretsky”

The Russian army was forced to retreat from some positions in the direction of DonetskThe head of the press center of the military forces in Kyiv told Ukrainian public television, where Ukrainian forces are setting up defensive positions, Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, citing local media. He said that “the enemy has withdrawn from some positions towards Donetsk, suffering heavy losses.” At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence notes the accumulation of Russian military equipment in the Verkhnetoretsky district: “This means that they intend to launch more powerful military operations in this direction.”

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Ukrainian authorities: “mortar fire at a milk truck in Sumy, two victims”

Mortar shells fired by the Russian army this morning hit the area SumyIn northeastern Ukraine, killing two civilians. This was stated by the regional military administration, citing Ukrainian media. “At five in the morning, Russian mortar shells hit a milk truck in one of the settlements of the population center Novoslobodskaya. The department said two people killed the driver of the milk truck and the shipper. Krasnopol I came under Russian fire.

Explosions in Melitopol (occupied by the Russians). Hit deposit

explosions a Melitopolin the area ZaporizhiaIt was occupied by the Russian army: this was announced by the exiled mayor of the city Ivan Fedorovquoted UNIAN. “Explosive Sunday of the occupiers in Melitopol. There are explosions in the city,” he wrote on Telegram, adding that at the moment it must be clarified what exactly “is burning.” According to the local news site RIA Melitopol The explosion hit a warehouse in the railway station area. “For the third time in a week, something exploded in that area,” Fedorov commented.

Russian Presidency at the UN Borrell: “The European Union will oppose any transgression”

L’European Union “It will oppose any violation” by Russia since yesterday as head of the UN Security Council, the EU’s head of diplomacy said on Twitter. Joseph Burrell. He commented, “Russia’s accession to the presidency of the United Nations Security Council deserves an April fool.” “Despite being a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia continues to violate the very essence of the legal framework of the United Nations,” he added. The first meeting of the Security Council under the Russian presidency will take place on Monday morning, but it will consist only of the usual closed discussions on the work program for the month. This will be followed, as usual, by a press conference for the new head of the commission, the Russian ambassador Vasily Nebenzia.

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British intelligence report: “Alcohol abuse causes part of the losses of the Russian war”

there Russia Up to 200,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the invasion of Ukraine: a smaller but significant proportion of these casualties were caused by the use of alcohol by the troops rather than by combat-related reasons. This came in the latest intelligence report issued by the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter. On 27 March, a Russian news channel on Telegram reported an “extremely high” number of accidents, crimes and deaths related to the crash. alcohol consumption among Russian forces in Ukraine. The use of alcohol was believed by Russian commanders to be particularly harmful in combat.

Medvedev: “May God punish Zelensky for his actions against the clergy”

According to the deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry MedvedevUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He would face not only human but also God’s judgment for the actions against the pro-Russian clergy of the Kiev Caves Monastery. He takes her back there tax. I am sure that they will find themselves not only before a human court, but above all before a (God’s) court. Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel a day after the Ukrainian judicial authorities placed the pro-Russian Metropolitan Pavel of the Caves Monastery in Kiev under house arrest.

Kiev: “The war caused the death of 262 Ukrainian athletes”

Kiev’s sports minister said the Russian war has claimed the lives of 262 Ukrainian athletes and destroyed 363 sports venues. Vadim Htsitas mentioned before guardian. Hotsait, during his meeting with the President of the International Gymnastics Federation, Morinari Watanabe, said that Russian athletes should not be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games or other sports competitions: “They support this war and participate in events organized to support this war,” he said. Website of President Volodymyr Zelensky. The IOC has recommended the gradual return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions as neutral.

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