February 5, 2023

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GB: Pogo writes the autobiography of the bombshell, rich contract with the publisher – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LONDON, January 16 – Replicating the Guinness Book of Records success of rebellious Prince Harry’s explosive biopic Spear – at least in its early days on sale – seems like an impossible task. But even a Boris Johnson result could score an important one, according to the forecasts of publisher HarperCollins, which has just secured the rights by acknowledging former Prime Minister Tory to a lucrative contract on the basis of media rumours: a result that, in terms of terms of attracting readers’ curiosity, is expected to outpace At least there are memos published by the former tenants of Downing Street in recent years.

Arabella Pike, editor of one of the HarperCollins series responsible for its publication, said it would be a memoir “like no other.” Evoking the intent of the architect of Brexit, he reveals his turbulent three years at the head of government with his own verve: which began with the electoral victory of 2019 and ended in the autumn of 2022 amid scandals and riots in the Tory party. ; But it was also marked by historical events such as the Covid pandemic or the war in Ukraine. (Dealing).

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