Other fronts of the Gaza crisis

Other fronts of the Gaza crisis

Yemen, Syria and Brazil: The external front of the Gaza crisis does not lose its intensity. In fact, it still holds surprises.

The drone

Shiite rebels The Houthis shot down an American drone in the Red Sea. The Iranian-allied militia claimed it was within its borders while the Pentagon responded by claiming it was in international space. some points.
1) Since 2017, the rebels have already destroyed three of them.
2) It’s a counter-move to the deployment of a US task force in the region: The Eisenhower aircraft carrier is not far away, and the ship’s systems have intercepted numerous missiles and drones launched by the Houthis against the Jewish state.
3) It is a continuation of the strategy of partial intervention in the conflict with Tehran’s approval.

In fact, another incident is suspected to have occurred on Thursday An explosion at a school in Eilat, the southern port of Israel. It was likely once again a suicide drone belonging to the militants, well supplied by the ayatollahs. They have long-range cruise ships, anti-aircraft missiles, and radio-controlled boats equipped with weapons for use against maritime traffic.


US Air Force fighters returned to bomb Iranian targets in the northeastern region of Syria, and it appears that the operation included warehouses under the control of the Pasdaran. The strike is considered a response to other attacks carried out by groups operating under the protection of Iran and forming part – like the Houthis and their Iraqi “brothers” – of the Houthi group.The axis of resistance in the face of the American-Israeli alliance. It’s a series of events where duelists fight each other while trying to avoid a total clash, mark the ground, and challenge each other to send messages. There’s always the possibility – and risk – that they decide to raise the bar, but there’s also some wiggle room to lower it.

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The Brazilian police, in cooperation with the Mossad, thwarted possible attacks by a cell made up of extremists close to the Lebanese Hezbollah. Two arrests were made, and several searches were conducted for items. The South American triangle, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, has historically been a base for Shiite jihadist circles. They do business, raise money, and establish a foothold in view of potential assignments. One of the axes has always been the triple border, near the famous Iguazu Falls, the point where the borders of the three countries meet, with the city of Ciudad del Este in the role of logistics zone.

Investigations and arrests of people belonging to a broad Arab community, and intelligence reports reconstructed the complicity, International connections that ranged from the Middle East to Colombia. With the tragic developments due to the bloody massacres in Buenos Aires in the mid-1990s. On March 17, 1992, the Israeli embassy was destroyed by a truck bomb, killing 29 people. Two years later, in July, the Argentine Jewish Association AMIA was destroyed. 86 more dead. Investigations will be sidetracked, hampered by maneuvers tied to Argentine political reality, intertwined with disputes between local intelligence services, diplomatic scenarios, and mysterious deaths.

According to rumors leaked a year ago The New York Times Attributed to Mossad Both massacres were the work of the same Hezbollah network. For the first attack, the group was coordinated by Hassan Karaki and Talal Hamiya, collaborators of Imad Mughniyeh, head of the Lebanese movement’s secret service. The car was driven by the suicide bomber, Muhammad Nasr al-Din, a Lebanese man who immigrated to Brazil. This action came in retaliation for the killing of the faction’s leader, Sheikh Al-Musawi, in an Israeli air strike. The second “strike” in Amia was retaliation for the June 1994 bombing in Lebanon that killed 50 Hezbollah fighters. The main perpetrators remain wanted, possibly in Beirut or Iran. The enemy only got to Mughniyeh in Damascus: A bomb hidden in the headrest of his SUV tore it apart in 2008. Israeli and American agents “eliminated” him.

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