Ukraine, live coverage – Duma: “Uranium bullets are a tragedy that will befall Europe.” Zelensky: “Zaporizhia was brutally bombed”

Ukraine, live coverage – Duma: “Uranium bullets are a tragedy that will befall Europe.”  Zelensky: “Zaporizhia was brutally bombed”

Zelensky’s surprise near Bakhmut

After meeting the Ukrainian army at the front near Bakhmut, President Volodymyr Zelensky also made a surprise arrival to Kharkiv. bring it back Ukraineska Pravda. Zelensky presented the mayor with an honorary award Igor Terekov They posted the letter in a video on Telegram. “Thank you to the residents of this beautiful city, which, together with other cities of our state, defends our independence,” the Ukrainian president said. Zelensky’s visit also served to assess the situation in the region, starting with arranging fortifications and restoring infrastructure.

Prince William makes a surprise visit to British forces in Poland

Surprise visit today Prince Williameldest son of King Charles III and heir to the House of Windsor, of a British contingent stationed in Rzeszow, southeastern Poland, is among NATO missions deployed close to the border of Ukraine at war with Russia. You are the defenders of our freedoms.Addressing His Majesty’s army, the Prince of Wales said, as part of a trip organized in strict secrecy “for security reasons,” as reported by the BBC. “Thank you for what you are doing here,” William continued, who appeared in pictures in the media of the Kingdom, only after the end of the mission near the front line and his transfer to Warsaw for a ceremonial meeting with the Polish President, Andrey Duda. And the BBC continues that the visit was agreed upon between the royal house and the conservative government of Rishi Sunak and at the request of the latter, confirming London’s full support for Kiev in the face of the “Russian invasion”: support echoed recently. Famous also by King Charles and the same heir.

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Talks between the Russian and Turkish defense ministers: focus on wheat

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu He interviewed her Turkish counterpart Halosi AkarAt the initiative of Ankara. This was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement, explaining that the discussions focused on an agreement to export grain from the Ukrainian ports overlooking the borders. Black Sea. An agreement reached last July in Istanbul between Kiev and Moscow, mediated by Ankara and the United Nations. During the conversation, we read about it RIA NovostiThe two ministers also talked about the situation in Syria and other international issues.

Estonian Prime Minister: “NATO must prepare for a long war”

Russia is preparing for a long war. In Ukraine “we must” do the same. Written by the Prime Minister of Estonia on Twitter Caja Class Calling on NATO member states to increase defense spending beyond the 2 percent threshold. “Estonia has significantly increased its defense budget, and it will reach 3% of GDP by 2024,” said Kallas. “2% of GDP for defense spending should be the minimum, not the maximum,” he added.

Poland: First permanent military base underway

The US military has strengthened its presence in Poland, where today the first permanent military base of the United States officially goes live United StateIt is the first of its kind in a country on the eastern edge of NATO. communicate Kosciusko campNamed after a Polish officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War, it is located near Poznań. Its mission will be to provide support infrastructure for all US soldiers stationed there Poland, reported the Ministry of Defense in Warsaw. The permanent garrison, which the White House announced its establishment last June, includes 13 military personnel and 140 civilian employees. There are currently 11,000 US soldiers deployed in Poland, who rotate regularly to various bases, according to data provided by the Pentagon. Poland plays an important role as a logistics hub For Western military support to Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. Faced with the threat posed by the conflict, Poland is rearming and calling for the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank.

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NEWSWEEK: Moscow does not want peace talks between the US, Britain, Germany and France.

to Moscow, USA, UK, Germany and France They will not be able to participate in peace talks on Ukraine. Newsweek reported that it confirmed that the Russian Foreign Ministry had rejected the proposal that “Ukraine’s most powerful Western partners should be involved in any negotiations to end the Russian invasion”. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced in recent days – US media reports – a RIA Novosti The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France cannot be considered reliable mediators in any peace negotiations due to their involvement in the conflict. “Officially, we do not know anything about this initiative,” the source in the Russian ministry explained, referring to the recent proposal by German diplomat Wolfgang Eichinger that the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany constitute a “nucleus” of a Western mediation group. “All four countries mentioned – reported the Russian ministry, according to Newsweek – are themselves parties to the conflict: they support Zelensky’s false peace initiatives, which are final requirements for the surrender of our country. With such methods, the United States, Britain, France and Germany cannot claim to be neutral mediators in Starting the peace process. They are not interested in resolving the crisis and are doing everything to maximize confrontation.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy: “Ask for an armistice now means playing into the hands of Russia”

“I am aware that for some politicians in Italy and their elected representatives, the question of the supply of arms is becoming increasingly sensitive. Peace is possible exclusively on the basis of the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. All other half-solutions will not be able to guarantee true peace. And to reach peace negotiations we need weapons. To demand peace in Ukraine and to stop sending military aid means to play into the hands of only one party, which is Russia. It means to demand the surrender of Ukraine.” So said the Ukrainian ambassador to Italy, Yaroslav Melnik, at a hearing in the joint foreign commissions

One killed and 17 wounded in a raid on Zaporizhia

Local authorities reported that one person was killed and 17 injured following the Russian attack on a building in Zaporizhia. Among the injured were two children, ages 7 and 9, according to local media.

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