The UK prohibits soft passwords by law

Do you have a trick for remembering passwords? In this digital world, we have to memorize more and more, and this can make us feel like using easy things.

In the UK, the ten most commonly used are: 123456, password, QWERTY, Liverpool, 123456789, Arsenal, 12345678, 12345, abc123 in Chelsea, According to a study conducted by password management website Nord Pass.

Perhaps that is why they decided to intervene with a regulation already in place that assumes that all electronic devices connected to the Internet have an Internet connection. Banned by law as of this week You have it by default Passwords are too weakLike now “12345“s”Responsible“.

It is the first initiative of its kind in the entire world when it comes to forcing all smart devices in the country to meet certain requirements Minimum safety standards.

Under this law, manufacturers of mobile phones, televisions or smart home devices apply It is legally required to protect network devices from access by cybercriminals. Additionally, in case the user wants to use one The password is considered insecure When you create a new account on any of these devices, it will… Software installed by the manufacturer should prevent this.

A set of measures

The British government has included this measure in itself National cyber strategya plan gifted with more than 3000 million euros Which seeks, among other things, to make consumers more confident in purchasing and using networked products, while… Attacks on consumers and businesses by hackers are increasing at an astonishing speed.

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British Minister of Science and Technology, Jonathan PerryHe stressed that this measure is necessary, because “daily life is becoming more and more dependent on connected devices.” However, the threats resulting from the Internet – he emphasizes – are “multiplying”:

“Starting today, consumers will have greater peace of mind knowing that their smart devices are protected against cybercriminals.”

In this sense, the British government referred to a study conducted by the Consumer Protection Organization anyone?Which indicates that every British household is exposed to approximately 12,000 hacking attacks Coming from all over the world In one weekWith 2684 attempts to guess weak passwords.

The UK has already proposed 2021as part of the communications infrastructure and product safety bill (PSTI), blocking the use of default global passwords on connected devices, including those in the Internet of Things (The Internet of things).

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