Ukraine latest news. Media and propaganda, Farnesina summons the Russian ambassador Razov

Ukraine latest news.  Media and propaganda, Farnesina summons the Russian ambassador Razov


Russian forces occupy approximately 60% of the Zaporozhye Territory. The United Kingdom will provide Ukraine with missile launchers with a range of up to 80 kilometers to counter the Russian attack. Zelensky also visited the front in Lysechansk in Lugansk

Ukraine, the United States of America and the European Union meet for a cease-fire
  • Farnesina receives Russian Ambassador Razov

    The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ettore Francesco Secchi, summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Italy, Sergey Razov, to Farnesina this morning, on the instructions of Minister Luigi Di Maio, in coordination with Palazzo Chigi. Ambassador Seki vehemently rejected the accusations of some representatives of Italian institutions and media of the gap, which was expressed by recent statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Secretary General of Farnesina also rejected insinuations regarding the alleged involvement of the media in our country in an anti-Russian campaign.

    Seki then renewed the sentence against Ambassador Razov for the Russian Federation’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Seki – reading a note – emphasized the Italian government’s hope that a negotiated solution to the conflict could soon be found on the basis of fairness and respect for Ukrainian sovereignty and the principles of international law. Finally, he stressed the importance of quickly defining an agreement to abolish the ban on grain exports from Ukrainian ports in order to avoid dire consequences for world food security.

  • Russian attack in the Kharkiv region, three dead

    The region’s governor, Oli Senhopov, said that a Russian attack on the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine had left three dead and 10 wounded, according to the Kyiv Independent newspaper. Senhopov added that Moscow forces intensified their bombing of residential areas in the region and attacked Ukrainian forces near Izyum, but they were unsuccessful and had to retreat with casualties.

  • China in the EU, sanctions against Russia do not solve crises

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, at the daily briefing on the sixth round of punitive measures against Russia decided by the European Union, said the sanctions have shown that they are “not a correct way to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.” “With the escalation and continuation of sanctions, European citizens could bear a higher price, and the world will face greater challenges such as the energy and food crisis,” Zhao noted. China supports the EU “in its active role in favor of peace, talks and building a balanced, effective and sustainable European security framework.”

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