EU and US: It is possible to return to the Iran nuclear deal, but change course

Rome, Oct 30 (askanews) – A formal perspective on the Iranian nuclear talks has been expected for months and the G20 summit, the first real direct meeting of the parties involved, was a scene for a positive stance: an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program until the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Tehran change course. France is “hopeful” that it can recover soon. However, there is still a “living and growing concern” in the West over the progress of Iran’s nuclear program. Power, Biden replied: “How is that expected”. Litmus test words that something has changed, even if not all problems are solved. Washington sources quoted CNN as saying on Eve that “the main purpose of the meeting of the four is Merkel’s initiative.” Because we are at a critical moment, we need to have the opportunity to sit down and talk. Despite US skepticism about the final outcome, the meeting was presented as “a great opportunity to check the symptoms”, considering the “critical” period for resolving the issue. In a joint statement issued at the end of the meeting, allies said. They believed that “it was still possible to quickly reach and implement the agreement to comply with the JCPO” in order to ensure in the long run that the Iranian nuclear program was intended exclusively for peaceful purposes. Removal of sanctions. ” After the decision, eguenza Iran gradually entered into agreements. Macron acknowledges that “continued progress of Iranian nuclear power and sanctions on IAEA work will reduce the chances of a return to the 2015 agreement.” If they return to respecting the rules imposed in the plan, the leaders will remove the “obstacles” with “long-term” consequences for Iran’s economic growth. Therefore, the call came to Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to “act in good faith to avoid a dangerous expansion.” European leaders “welcomed President Biden ‘s clear desire to see the US rejoin the JCPO,” and “Iran should continue to respect it until it does.” Tehran’s choice is not a solution, but a significant improvement, “the diplomat told CNN. Iranian negotiator Ali Bakery also expressed himself in the same direction last Wednesday. “Serious and creative”. The Iranian negotiator noted that “both sides have agreed to begin negotiations by the end of November” and that “the exact date will be announced next week.”

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