Ukraine, Kyiv’s counterattack continues

Ukraine, Kyiv’s counterattack continues

The Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces continues. According to the American Institute for the Study of War, attacks were carried out in six regions

On Sunday, July 2, Ukrainian forces carried out a series of counterattack operations in six sectors of the front, and managed to occupy some parts of the territories occupied by the Russians. This is what the American Institute for the Study of War explained.

Russia and Ukraine have opposing versions regarding the progress of the war

the Russian Ministry of Defense Other Russian sources confirmed that the Ukrainian forces attacked the western region of Zaporizhiaon the administrative border with the district DonetskIn the direction of Lehman and in the area Bakhmut. Ukrainian forces reportedly managed to advance significantly southwest of Klychevka, 7 km southwest of Bakhmut.

according to The KremlinHowever, the Russian forces were going to pay Ukrainian attacks Near Bakhmut itself and Barkhivka. As for the spokesman for the Eastern Group of Ukrainian Forces, the colonel, he believes the opposite Serhiy Sharifatiaccording to which on July 2, Ukrainian forces made gains in the vicinity of Bakhmut.

Russia allegedly transferred an airborne regiment to Bakhmut

Cherevaty himself reported that Russian troops had recently made an unspecified transfer airborne regiment From the Liman region to the Bakhmut region. This is because, according to the Ukrainian colonel, the city will have important value for Russia Advertisingeven more than the military.

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