Ukraine, historian D’Orsi in La7: “We are accelerating towards World War III, we must stop now.” A clash with the political scientist Mikhailidze

Ukraine, historian D’Orsi in La7: “We are accelerating towards World War III, we must stop now.”  A clash with the political scientist Mikhailidze

LavrovBesides publicity, it revealed a real danger: we risk going for one the third World War. And I find it really strange that this danger is underestimated. It wouldn’t be an atomic war, but it was necessary for someone to stop this race.” Is the alert raised to “Tuesday” (La7) from the historian Angelo Dorsey, who adds: “It seems strange to me that, in a Catholic country like ours, so little attention has been paid to the words of Holy Father. I’m not a Catholic, I think we’ll have to listen to the Pope more, because the danger is real.”

Dorsey, Like Luciano CanforaCompare the current situation with the previous situation First World War In the summer of 1914: “No country in the global geopolitical scene believed that war would break out later. Sarajevo bombing On June 28, 1914. But everyone raised the bar a little and ended up in the global struggle without realizing it. There is important historical literature on the famous “danger of 1914” – he continues -. Politicians should study history booksUnfortunately, they do not study it. And this is dangerous, because politics needs the support of history, otherwise it lives in the eternal present. History teaches us. Warning, we really are on the brink. So, As the Pope says, let us stop now“.

The historian’s words were met with long applause from the studio audience. A few minutes later, D’Orsi becomes the protagonist in a lively argument with Nonna MiklidzeProfessor of Georgian Political Science at the Institute of International Affairs.
The spark of engagement is Dorsey’s firm stance against sending weapons to Ukraine. This is a war in which Ukraine is used as a warland. Actually, It is a war between Russia, NATO and the United States at the expense of the Ukrainian people. Do we want to understand it? We have to stop, because we are hurting Ukraine.”
“Actually what are you talking about colonialism – The rise of Mikhlidze – says that Ukraine is not a subject of international relations. She, and not only her, is doing a colonial overthrow.”
“But don’t use inappropriate words – D’Orsi answers – don’t talk nonsense.”
“That nonsense she’s telling you – a professor of political science – and unfortunately it’s not just her in the Italian debate.”

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