Ukraine and the United States against Russia: war or not war, Biden is weaker today

More than bent on reassuring the world, Biden appears so weak that he seems to want the world to reassure him.

As impulsive, excessive, and overly fierce may seem, This is exactly the photo of the last press conference held at the White House.

in the center ,Ukraine. The other half of the field, however, the Russia. Finally, on the stands China.

The President of the United States has done everything but admire, especially Vladimir Putin, not to mention Xi Jinping.

In his defence, it must be said that he ended up in a joint in it, He is moving wrong.

If he raises his voice and flexes his muscles, he is warlike, especially in his left eye, and especially in the more extreme eye.
On the other hand, if he softens his tone and flaunts diplomacy on the contrary, then for the Right, America becomes an unacceptable caricature of itself, which is precisely the weak.

There are at least two steps, however, objectively speaking, they do not reach the desired level.

We will not send American soldiers to fight in Ukraine.”

Translation: “Caesar” now announces every day that he does not want to attack, but if he decides to do so, Washington will stand by and watch..

In the suspended arm wrestling between balance and tension, bad sign For those who still have to play the colossus, the colossus par excellence, the stars and stripes.

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still: We have supplied the Ukrainian army with equipment, tips and intelligence So that Kiev can defend itself.”

Another confession not to fight, anything not implied.

A dual stance that Western democracies and diplomacy really like. But it makes you smile just as muchbecause the political and cultural (dictatorship) perspective is completely different, giants of the east.

After that, Biden also tried to straighten the shot, leaning on it Statement on NATO, which is the crux of the matter for Putin:

Any attack on an ally country is an attack on all of us.”

Too little, though.
Now the omelette is done, the power aesthetics game is lost.
Once upon a time there was the USA…

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