Ed Sheeran, trial for plagiarism in the United States. He demanded $100 million in damages

Ed Sheeran, trial for plagiarism in the United States.  He demanded $100 million in damages

English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran She will face trial in one of three lawsuits claiming to be her big hit in 2014 think out loud It is a plagiarism of the classics Marvin Jay 1973 let’s go. This was established by a US judge Louis Stantonfrom Manhattan.

Judge rejects Sheeran’s request to dismiss a 2018 copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Structured Asset Sales LLC (sass), a company that owns part of the co-author rights of let’s goAnd the Ed Townsend.

Millionaire compensation claim

Sheeran asks for $100 million. His lawyers are challenging the allegations, arguing that parts deemed “stolen” do not justify a claim of copyright infringement.

Jury to establish plagiarism

Judge Stanton said the jury should be up to determine if the two songs are so similar, that music experts on both sides disagree: “Although the two syllables are not identical, the jury may find that the overlap between the blend of chord progression and harmonic rhythm The songs are too narrow.”

Concerts for the singer-songwriter are also on the horizon

The judge also ruled that the jury would have to decide whether SAS could also include receipts from Sheeran’s concerts (whose 2014-2015 tour earned him $150 million in gross revenue), thus dismissing the songwriter’s arguments. The tickets were not related to the alleged plagiarism. think out loud It reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 2015, while let’s go In September 1973 he was in first place.

Previous allegations

Sheeran Over the years, he has been accused of plagiarism several times. The last case concerns his beating, shape for yousubordinate 2017. In particular, according to the indictment, the clip was copied in some parts, from Why 2015, by Sami Shukri And the Ross O’Donogh and perform it my thanks under a pseudonym Sami Switch. But A London High Court judge later dismissed the charges.

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was the shape of you The best-selling song of 2017 and the first to reach 3 billion streams on Spotify. The songwriter is the most listened to musician in the world on the platform.

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