The new Chinese “attack” on the United States and this mysterious theft: an “unprecedented threat”

The new Chinese “attack” on the United States and this mysterious theft: an “unprecedented threat”

More than half of the efforts to spy Advanced from China The theft of American technology will occur within Silicon Valley. This is the latest alarm I’ve raisedFBI During an extraordinary meeting held in the heart of Silicon Valley, and attended by the intelligence leaders of the coalition member states Five eyesThey are the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The partners announced increased countermeasures to prevent sensitive thefts from technology companies in their Beijing-backed jurisdictions. Therefore, the dragon’s target will not only be aimed at foreign institutions, parliaments and governments, but also at the glittering complexes that host the most important high-tech companies in the world.

Intelligence leaders meeting

Senior intelligence officials in the countries mentioned above wrote The New York TimesAnd they discussed how to protect New technologies And helping Western countries maintain their superiority over China. Their goal: to try to involve private industry in the war against the so-called “An unprecedented threat“.

The choice of the meeting location – Stanford University, in Silicon Valley – was strategic. While Washington is often considered the main battleground for U.S. espionage, FBI officials estimate that more than half of Chinese espionage operations focus on Stealing American technology Taking place in the Gulf region.

It was the first time that the heads of the British FBI and MI5, along with their counterparts from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, had gathered for a meeting. General discussion Regarding threats posed by alleged Chinese spies. It was, in effect, the pinnacle of “spy hunters,” that is, officials charged with identifying and stopping China’s attempts to steal its allies’ secrets.

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What is China looking for?

There is no greater threat to innovation than the Chinese government“, he declared Christopher A. Ray, Director of the FBI, in an attempt to prove to private industry that the West’s security interests are also aligned with commercial interests. In short, the message is clear: no one will benefit if China steals Western intellectual property.

However, intelligence chiefs said China was keenly interestedartificial intelligence Developed beyond the wall, it is a technology that will allow countries able to use it to improve intelligence collection and analysis, which is destined to be a driver of economic gains for years to come. “They are using AI to enhance already massive hacking operations, and are effectively using our technology against usRay added, pointing the finger at Beijing.

‘An unprecedented threat’

Ken McCallumThe director-general of MI5, who was also present at the meeting, said that from 2018 onwards, the number of investigations into Chinese espionage in Britain had increased dramatically, and that the technologies China was trying to steal had the potential to transform both countries. Global economy and security. Is this an exaggeration or is Beijing already conducting such a campaign? The intelligence chiefs gathered at Stanford University had no doubt. He will use the dragonthe pirateand pressure on Chinese students, and Informants From Western companies and Join the adventures With Western companies to try to steal sensitive technology.

Ray warned of Chinese espionage.Rather, it comes at the expense of innovators in all five of our countries“And this threat”It has grown and become more dangerous and insidious in recent yearsRay himself stated that there were more than one 2000 investigation The FBI streams that it is linked to China, and that the American investigative agency is arriving to open a file New case Regarding the first Asian power ever 12 hours.

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All nations spy“, he admitted during the event Mike Burgess“Chief of the Australian Security Service”“But the behavior we’re talking about goes far beyond traditional espionage.”. The scale of China’s espionage and intellectual theft activities is unprecedented in human history, and for this reason it must be strongly condemned, the official said. At the same time, tensions are expected to increase along the axis linking Washington to Beijing.

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