Ukraine and Russia are preparing for the naval invasion of Odessa. Moscow requests weapons from China. Di Maio: “34 Italians banned”

Ukraine and Russia are preparing for the naval invasion of Odessa.  Moscow requests weapons from China.  Di Maio: “34 Italians banned”

TheUkraine Preparing for a naval invasion of Odessa. According to the New York Post, citing the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in Kyiv, Oleksiy Danilov, the Russian forces had planned the attack in recent days but had to postpone it due to bad weather. Fleet to return to Sevastopol, Crimea.

6.09 a.m. – Russian prosecutors have issued ultimatums to Western companies in Russia, threatening to arrest the leaders of companies critical of the government or confiscate the assets of companies withdrawing from the country. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal. Companies at risk include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, IBM and Kentucky. The calls, letters and visits included threats to sue companies and confiscate assets including trademarks. The Russian embassy in Washington declined to comment, and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week voiced support for a law to nationalize the assets of foreign companies leaving the country due to the invasion of Ukraine. The plaintiffs’ warnings were directed at companies in all sectors, including technology, food, apparel and banking.

Ukraine’s awakening in a nightmare lion: planes roar in the middle of the night, escape and smoke attacks

6.00 a.m. Biden’s National Security Adviser’s meeting with Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday, March 14th is expected to seek “a robust international response and outline a global security strategy.” The Italian ambassador to Ukraine, Pier Francesco Zazzo, recalled how “only we and France are among the G7 countries that still have representation in the occupied country.” Meanwhile, at least 35 people died in a raid on a military base on the Polish border. The Russian Defense Minister announced: “180 foreign mercenaries were killed in the attacks on Starichi and the Yavoriv base.” American video reporter Brent Reno, 51, was killed by Russian forces and two of his colleagues were wounded in Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv.

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5.46 am – Video Zelensky: Commitment to continue dealing with Putin President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to continue talks with Russia, and in a new video, he said the Ukrainian delegation to the negotiations has a “clear task” to do everything possible to secure a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Zelensky has been asking to meet his Russian counterpart for some time, but the Kremlin has not listened to his request yet.

5.03 a.m. – In addition to military assistance, Russia has also asked China for economic assistance. CNN reported that, citing two sources from the US administration, it was reported that Moscow was going to order drones from Beijing, among other things.

4.28 am – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General has opened an investigation for treason against Galina Danilchenko, the new mayor of Melitopol, who took office after the Russian occupation of the city. This was announced by CNN. The Prosecutor General’s Office announced that it had opened an investigation, accusing Danilchenko of “fulfilling the task assigned to her by her representatives in the Russian Federation” when she declared herself temporary mayor of Melitopol. “When announcing the creation of a body not defined in Ukrainian law, the Committee of People’s Deputies, the suspect asked Ukrainian citizens to support them and the citizens of Melitopol to stop resisting the occupying forces,” the statement from the Prosecutor General’s Office read. . Last Friday, armed men arrested the elected mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov. Soon after his arrest, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian-backed separatist Luhansk region charged Fedorov with terrorist crimes. “Russian TV channels” will start broadcasting in the region, Danilchenko said in a television video yesterday.

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4.12 a.m. – “Crimea and Donbass are now connected by a land passage through the territory of Ukraine. The highway from Crimea to Mariupol has been taken over.” This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Georgy Muradov, in RIA Novosti. “This road can become an important highway for Crimea, connecting the peninsula with Mariupol – the mineral center of the Azov Sea – and the industrial zone of Donbass. This is the key to the future development of the entire region,” Muradov emphasized.

3.46 – «Hunting »Oligarch, Australia 33 There is also Roman Abramovich The Australian government imposed new sanctions on the Russian oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich. 33 billionaires ended up in Canberra’s sights, including Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Bank of Russia head Dmitry Lebedev.

3.27 am – Ramzan Kadyrov, the powerful leader of Chechnya, announces that he is in Ukraine with Russian forces launching an offensive in the country. Kadyrov, accused by international NGOs of serious human rights violations in the Caucasus Republic, posted a video on Telegram of him in military uniform studying projects around a table with soldiers in a room. He said in a message that the video was filmed at Hostomil, an airport near Kyiv that was captured by Russian forces in the early days of their offensive. This information cannot be independently verified. Kadyrov wrote: “The other day we were 20 km away from you Nazis in Kyiv, and now we are closer.” He called on Ukrainian forces to surrender, “otherwise they will be finished.” Kadyrov, who rules the Russian republic of Chechnya with an iron fist, is a former rebel who became an ally of the Kremlin with a paramilitary force under his command. At the beginning of the Russian attack on social media, pictures spread showing a square in the Chechen capital Grozny filled with soldiers claiming to be heading to Ukraine. Kadyrov’s forces are accused of committing numerous violations in Chechnya.

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3.06 a.m. – Telephone call between Foreign Minister Anthony Blinkin and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. This was announced by the US State Department. “Blinkin – the reporting note – reiterated the resolute defense of Ukraine against the brutal aggression of the Kremlin”. “We agree with Blinken that more must be done to stop Russian aggression and compel Russia to respond to its crimes,” Kuleba commented on Twitter.

2.38 am – sirens go off in at least 19 of 24 regions of Ukraine. The Kyiv Independent reports on this. It is possible to hypothesize a new, large-scale attack.

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