Ukraine and Russia announce the end of military exercises. Zelensky: “This is not a withdrawal of forces, but a rotation”

Ukraine and Russia announce the end of military exercises.  Zelensky: “This is not a withdrawal of forces, but a rotation”

over there Russia announce Withdraw forcesWest remain careful. Stop the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine Continue to follow the same pattern: this morning Moscow announced the end military exercises In the Crimea Annex, where the deployment of troops feed Fears from the invasion. And the Ministry of Defense announced in a statement, that the soldiers are returning to their camps: The news specifically follows a First withdrawal Russian troops from the border of Ukraine on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq said BelarusAnd Vladimir Makeyacquired by the agency RIA NovostiAfter the exercises, he said, all Russian military personnel will leave his country. On the other hand, is that the Ukrainian president in the evening Volodymyr Zelensky Declared that Russia He is not withdrawing his forces From the borders of Ukraine, but only a few are implemented Alternating between units. “I think that Diplomacy He didn’t say the last word but now we have to do it look at the facts In addition to the words, “However, the President of the European Union Commission commented Ursula von der Leyen In plenary session Strasbourg. He has not yet seen NATO Clear signs of withdrawalHe added. As confirmed by the words of the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. Saturday, I G7 foreign ministers They will hold a meeting on the situation in Ukraine. It was Stoltenberg himself who instead denounced that NATO defense ministers “estimated that the military build-up” by Russia around Ukraine was continuing. We don’t see any signs of de-escalation on the ground, all of that has to change. There are a large number of troops ready to attackFor this, the ministers issued “instructions” to the coalition.Assessment of the presence of the new forces in Central and Eastern Europe”.

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Southern Military District units, after their existence accomplishment Participate in the tactical exercises, as they move towards their own training spread points The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. At the same time, Moscow State TV broadcast pictures of military units cross a bridge which connects the Russian-controlled peninsula with the earth. It is good that Biden He wants to continue the talks, and then tell the Kremlin with words our president: “We aim for written negotiations with Moscow.”. It slows down the Duma’s demand to recognize republics Donetsk And Luhansk: Putin has “taken note” of the request, but such an initiative You will not respect the Minsk agreementsA Kremlin spokesperson said, Dmitriy Peskov.

Despite Zelensky’s statements, an intelligence report in Kiev reiterates that “the Russian military unit near the Ukrainian border is not enough to successfully carry out a mission.large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine.” They argue that the total number of Russian troops has increased to more. 148 thousandincluding more than 126,000 ground troops. According to a new Kiev intelligence assessment, there are currently 87 Russian battalion combat groups on permanent alert around Ukraine, 53 more than those normally stationed in the region. The report then states that Russia is currently “focused on it”. Destabilization The internal situation of Ukraine ”, including the use of economic and energy tools, as well as cyber attacks.

NATO has “heard” Russia’s openness to a diplomatic exit from the Ukraine crisis, but “so far we haven’t seen it.” don’t calm down on the earth. On the contrary, we see an accumulation of forces “and we have not received them.” the answers To the written document “Sent to Moscow. This was confirmed by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “So far – we don’t see any de-escalation: we’re watching. If they really start withdrawing forces, that’s welcome. They’ve always been moving forces,” he continued. Back and forthbut the equipment is ‘still in place’ the trend in recent weeks and months is from the increaseFrom the military presence on the border with Ukraine. Russia retains the capacity for real leadership Invade Ukraine, without any warning”, is the position of NATO. Stoltenberg adds: “What we are seeing is a very strong military presence, but also An opportunity for diplomacy“.

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Skepticism is common in Brussels. Even the head of European diplomacy, Josep BorrellHe expressed caution This morning, in the face of the announcement of the withdrawal of Russian forces from Crimea, stressing that it is necessary first.”check it outCommenting on the news on wireless speakers France InterThe EU’s foreign policy chief said the withdrawal “if it is undoubtedly correct” would be a sign of détente. But he added, “We have to Always check“. Russia has tried to ignore the existence of the EU by sending a message that it thinks the EU is not. important axes For safety in Europe. to split the European front Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov In fact, he sent letters to the twenty-seven capitals, hoping to receive them 27 different answers Borrell later said in his speech to European Parliament.

At the Strasbourg plenary session, von der Leyen also spoke: “We have examined all Possible disturbances If Russia so chooses energy use As a compress and I can say it for this winter We are safesaid the President of the European Union Commission. With member states we have set emergency measures That we can act if we reach a full-blown crisis: beyond 200 LNG ships They are on their way to Europe. “But we must also invest to free ourselves from it Rely on Russia for gas.” About European sanctions In the event of war in Ukraine, von der Leyen explained: “We will strike strategic interests By diversifying our economy, we are world leaders high tech components So Russia is totally dependent on us, and our sanctions can really leave the mark And the Kremlin knows it well.” The President of the Berlamont Palace also announced that he had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi: I exchanged with Prime Minister Draghi about the current security situation. De-escalation would be welcome, but there are no concrete signs from Russia. We also talked about the speed of the response on the security of energy supplies for the European Union for Italy.”

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New opportunities to start dialogue between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents have been opened again before Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan In fact, it was announced that Zelensky said he was ready to meet with the head of state of Moscow in Ankara or Istanbul. “During our meeting” in Kiev on February 3, the Turkish president said, “Zelensky said he was open to a tripartite summit between Putin, Zelensky and Erdogan.” AnatoliaTalk to reporters on a return flight from The United Arab Emirates to Turkey.

Meanwhile, Russia has spread in the past few hours Long-range bombers with nuclear capabilities And fighter jet Pregnancy Hypersonic missiles at its air base in Syria. Airplanes are massively involved marine exercises and joey in Eastern Mediterraneanannounced last month.

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