Ukraine and Biden: “I am convinced that Putin decided to invade.” Moscow: “Fake news that makes you smile.” The separatist leaders in Donetsk and Lugansk ordered the evacuation: 22 km of the line at the border

there Ukraine crisis It proceeds at the same pace that world opinion has come to know in recent weeks: forward leaks and denials, poisoned communications and announcements of talks and meetings, propaganda and counterinformation, diplomatic action and the first tensions of a “war of war”, in Donbass, the area under Russian influence for 8 years already. On Friday, it continued in this manner and ended with the intervention of the President of the United States Joe Biden From White House: He repeated what he said several times in the past few days: “I am convinced of it Russian President Vladimir Putin They made the decision to invade.” The US president has not changed his mind despite the fact that the maneuvers of the Russian armed forces have apparently weakened in recent days. Biden repeats that Moscow is trying to provoke Ukraine and create “false justifications” for a war against it. Kiev. So much so that it “might not be wise” for the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky Leave the country now. Before speaking, by the way, Biden held 45 minutes of talks with European allies “to discuss strengthening the Russian military in and around Ukraine: We agreed on our support for Ukraine, to continue our diplomatic efforts, and emphasized that we are ready to impose heavy costs on Russia if it chooses another conflict.” Biden’s logic ends like all those of late: “It’s never too late” for diplomacy.

Indeed, the news is that on February 23 Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken He will meet with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. White House communications queue “unless the Russians invade Ukraine”. Lavrov determined the hypothesis of the invasion “The Fake News That Makes You Smile”. He added: “Anyone who is somewhat interested in foreign policy – he said – understands that this is the case Nothing but advertising. The authors of these false stories must believe what they say. They liked it, and it’s okay if they are happy.” And yet he is the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin To admit – through the spokesperson – that “what is happening” in eastern Ukraine is “very worrying and potentially very dangerous”. The Kremlin added that “the situation is deteriorating”, convinced that Westerners will find an “excuse” to impose sanctions on Moscow without responding to its demands on European security, which Berlin denied.Cold War demands“.

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During the day, talks continued to push for de-escalation. Russian Defense Minister, Sergey ShoiguThe US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd AustinThey spoke on the phone. Among other things, Biden listened to the Italian Prime Minister, Mario DraghiDuring which the two leaders affirmed their “commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” and their willingness to impose “heavy economic costs if Russia invaded”. Berlin’s warning is harsh: “If it comes to military aggression – this is what the German Foreign Minister has said Annala Barbuk – this will be Dire consequences for Russiafinancial, political and economic. We, as Germany, are willing to pay a heavy economic price, even on Nord Stream 2A virtual summit of G7 leaders will also be held on Thursday.

Donbass is like a powder keg
And while diplomats are talking to each other or trying to do so on Ukrainian soil, what happens? The Donbass It looks like a powder keg is already burning. in the east, in occupied lands Come here Pro-Russian separatistsAn alarm was triggered and an evacuation order was issued for civilians. The rebel leaders of the self-proclaimed republic motivated the matter by dropping the charges, i.e. accusing Kiev of Preparing an invasion: “Today a mass and centralized departure of the population to the Russian Federation is being organized, they must first be evacuated Women, children and the elderly‘, explained Dennis Bushlin In a video posted on his account cable. After this call – according to the Russian news agency tax – I created one a long tail as far as 22 km along the border between Donetsk and Russia. The same was said too Lugansk. put it in have been ordered to pay an amount 10 thousand rubles (about 120 euros) for each evacuee.

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But not only. Leaders of the People’s People’s Republic Lugansk Appealed to “all men” willing to Carrying a weapon Because they defend the separatist entity, accusing the Ukrainian army of owning it Open fire 30 times against their lands “to cut off from Artillery, mortars and tanks‘, he says again tax. An explosion occurred in Luhansk on Friday evening, causing a fire in the pipeline Drogba.

The car bomb exploded near government buildings in Donetsk and accusations exchanged
This is the second recording today. The first resulted from the explosion of a car bomb near the unilaterally declared government building Donetsk People’s Republic And belongs to the head of the militias of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denis Senenkov. Kiev “categorically” denied the attacks and the intention of planning an attack. The fear is that in these areas new blood may erupt permanently soon conflictAfter what happened about 8 years ago 14,000 victims. But in this ongoing game of paper punches by both sides, Blinken once again spoke of “false provocations” by Russia, describing the car bomb explosion as Operation ‘pseudoscience’. In the meantime, just as he decided a few days ago WashingtonThe British Embassy in Ukraine will temporarily relocate from Kiev to group. For its part, the Ukrainian government denied any planned attack in the separatist regions: “We are fully and exclusively committed to diplomatic solution conflict.”

Russian troop movements It’s all near the border there Russia announced New tank pull Among those deployed in recent weeks near the border withUkraine To conduct exercises at the origin of the new crisis between the two countries. After the decision to move their means, denied by Kiev And by its Western allies, United States of America First of all, the Kremlin It seems that he wants to send a new signal of détente: “Another military train carrying personnel and equipment of tank units of the Western Military District has returned to its permanent base,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. At the same time, a spokesman for the Russian fleet announced that Ten Su-24 bombers withdrawn From Crimea. The military units and vehicles, identified by the ministry in the memorandum, have reached their “permanent bases in the area of Nizhny Novgorod After completing the scheduled exercises.” According to Kiev, the number of Russian soldiers has reached the threshold 149 thousand. Russia also announced that it will be implemented on Saturday, under the supervision of the President Russian President Vladimir Putinhis maneuvers “strategic forces”especially with Launching ballistic and cruise missiles. From what has been learned, however, the exercises will be held in regions Western and Southern Russiathus far from the front line.

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