If They Censor De Niro: The United States and Its Account of History

Robert De Niro, banned in New York’s Gotham, is further proof that America no longer knows how to deal with the same history that the country built its DNA on.

It seemed like a celebratory evening like any other at Cipriani Wall Street in New York for the Gotham Independent Film Awards. At least until this moment Robert De Niro – He won the Historic Gotham Icon Award and the Creator’s Commendation Award for “Killers of the Flower Moon” – and he didn’t take the stage for his efforts Find censored version on “claim”.

At that point a Hollywood legend He decided to take it smart phones And read the original text anyway Written against historical revisionists and former President Donald Trump. “History is no longer history. The truth is no longer the truth. Even the facts are being replaced by alternative narratives, fueled by conspiracy theories and various nonsense.”

No one is going to get out of this for De Niro, not even the film industry of yesterday and today“As is well known, that great gentleman, John Wayne, said that he did not think at all that we had done anything wrong with regard to the Native American Indians. In fact, he said there were so many people who needed new land that the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves. And about Trump: “Lying has become just another tool in the cheaters’ arsenal. The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times, during his four-year term, and is keeping pace with his current campaign. But for all his lies, Trump cannot hide his soul. “He attacks the weak, destroys nature’s gifts and shows contempt, for example by using Pocahontas as an insult.”

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De Niro then concluded his speech by clarifying that he did not want to thank AppleAccording to the film’s producer Long hand Behind censorship. This is one of the central points of this story that borders on the horrific. At the time of writing, no one – neither the giant with the bitten apple nor the prize organizers – has said a word about it. The idea that Apple might consider censoring De Niro, without even asking him to do so, It makes us understand a lot about how some giants these days deal with ideas that differ from the narrative Or is it inconsistent with the “harmony” they have decided upon, even for ideas like those expressed by De Niro, whose scathing judgments of Trump are certainly not unprecedented. A time-driven cut would make the story even stranger.

While awaiting clarifications, which we hope will arrive soon, there is still something to think about. The United States in recent years seems to have a problem with historyThey are the ones who built the national DNA on top of it and the dream. Once Master’s CVIt has now become something so uncomfortable that it needs to be rewritten, disavowed or silenced. It is as if every reference to mistakes committed in the past – or at least in question – was merely salt in the wounds. On one side or the other.

Fatal error in perspective: History is a teacher precisely when it teaches the difference between right and wrong. If you cancel the latter, then yes, the risk of recurrence is just around the corner.

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By Federico Arduini

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