Udinese-Roma and the match against Napoli. Reporting on A's advances and deferrals has been postponed

Udinese-Roma and the match against Napoli.  Reporting on A's advances and deferrals has been postponed

Now it's official, the 18 minutes of the match between Udinese and Roma will be made up next April 25 at 8 p.m.. We recall that the match was stopped 1-1 on April 14 due to Ndika’s illness. The Italian League took into account the letter that the club sent to it requesting that the resumption of the final match be postponed so that he could play on Saturday the 27th with Napoli and have the same days of rest enjoyed by Bayer Leverkusen, the club’s team. The Giallorossi's next opponent is in the semi-finals of the Europa League, with the first leg at Olimpico on May 2. President Lorenzo Cassini also called for an emergency council of the League to be held to discuss the issue, which concluded that there were no conditions for the ability to derogate from the statute.

A decision by the Italian League, to which the Roma team itself responded immediatelywho expressed their opposition with an official note: “The Roma club, with its European results and reaching the semi-finals four times in a row, has contributed to the UEFA classification and thus to the fifth place of Italian teams in the next Champions League like few other clubs.
Despite this, Serie A president Lorenzo Cassini today supported the unjust decision that will force Roma to face Bayer 04 Leverkusen, at a disadvantage. This represents a clear step backwards for the entire football system in Italy.
The team, players and staff of Roma reaffirm their commitment to resist this unjustified adversity and achieve their maximum goals this season, with the support of their amazing fans. Go to Rome!”

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Here is the full press release from Serie A with reasons behind Udinese and Roma's recovery scheduled for April 25“The President of the Italian League, in view of Roma Club’s request to play a match against Napoli on Saturday, April 27 and thus postpone the 18-minute stoppage time for the suspended match against Udinese until at least mid-May, today he urgently called on the League Council and the Council confirmed the application of Paragraph 3 of Article 30 of the Italian League System, which stipulates that suspended matches will be continued, as in the case of Udinese and Roma, within 15 days of the interruption occurring. Consequently, the remaining minutes of the match in question will be restored on April 25 at 8 p.m., which is the first available date during the 15 days stipulated in the statute and at a time that facilitates the organization of the trip for the company’s guest. Therefore, the date of the Naples-Roma match will be determined taking into account the needs expressed by the Roma Club.”

Therefore, as stated in the last part of the press release, the League has allowed Roma to decide whether to play Napoli on Saturday or Sunday, which is why the schedule of submissions and postponements for the 34th day will arrive tomorrow and not today as previously announced.

What the regulation says
Specifically, the Serie A regulation states in Article 30, paragraph 3 – the one mentioned in the press release – that “for suspended matches, the two clubs have the right to agree to continue the match on the next day, provided that it is ratified.” By agreement of the Italian League. In the event that an agreement is not reached between the two clubs or is not ratified by the Council, the President shall set a date for the continuation of the match, provided that this occurs within fifteen days from its date. Therefore, due to the absence of mid-week commitments on the part of both Roma and Udinese, the two weeks cannot be extended (unlike the Atalanta-Fiorentina recovery, which was postponed on March 17, due to the commitments in the Italian Cup and in Europe of the two clubs).

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