Udinese 0-0: Live Chronicle Live

Udinese 0-0: Live Chronicle Live
  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Joyce Stadium
    City: Bergamo
    Capacity: 26,724 spectators5:13 p.m

  • Welcome to the live match of the twenty-fifth day of Serie A, and it will face Atalanta and Udinese.5:13 p.m

  • It wasn’t long until Udinese’s Atalanta started. The owners are coming back from two straight defeats.5:16 p.m

  • Atalanta lineup (3-4-3): Musso – Toloi, Demiral, Djimsiti – Ruggeri, De Roon, Koopmeiners, Maehle – Lookman, Hojlund, Boga.18:01

  • UDINESE lineup (3-5-2): Silvestri – Becao, Bijol, Perez – Ebosele, Arslan, Walace, Lovric, Udogie – Beto, Success.17:21

  • Atalanta bench: Sportillo, Okolie, Ederson, Morel, Forlicki, Rossi, Pasalic, Sobie.18:01

  • UDINESE seat: Padelli, Masina, Buta, Abankwah, Samardzic, Thauvin, Pereyra, Pafundi, Piana.17:23

  • Gasperini’s options: Holgund leads the attack, Lookman and Buga are on his side. De Roon and the Koopmeiners in midfield, and Demiral in the center of the three-man defence.17:24

  • Sottil options: Beto-Success tandem striker, Ebosele and Udogie winger. Wallace in front of defense Arslan and Lovrich midfielders.5:26 p.m

  • 1 ‘

    Atalanta Odense begins the first half! The referee is Gersini.6 pm

  • 3 ‘

    The first corner of the match, Udogie got it.18:03

  • 6 ‘

    Copminers touches the ball with his hand, and Atalanta’s work stops.6:06 p.m

  • 9 ‘

    Atalanta’s possession for a long time, Lookman’s cross was deflected into a corner.6:10 p.m

  • 11′

    Perez fell, the medical staff on the field and the match stopped.6:11 p.m

  • 12 ‘

    A flashy red bandage on Perez’s head after an atmospheric contrast with Demiral.18:12

  • 15′

    Lovric cross, Musso outside the goal expects Beto.6.15pm

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  • 17 ‘

    Udinese chance! Lovric, served by Beto, kicks in the area with his left foot towards the goal: the ball goes out from behind.6.20pm

  • 19 ‘

    Silvestri collected the ball after being put out by Perez.6:19 p.m

  • 22 ‘

    Combining Boga with Ruggeri on the left, Ebosele keeps a good guard.18:23

  • 24 ‘

    Toloi extends the ball too far, then remains on the ground after a tackle with Wallace.18:24

  • 26 ‘

    Success tries from outside the area and the ball is far from the goal.6:26 p.m

  • 27 ‘

    Udinese chance! A short pass back by Djimsiti, Musso with an effective low exit does not allow Beto room to shoot.6:28 p.m

  • 30 ‘

    Ruggeri’s cross is deflected, the ball is out, and Mahly reaches but is unable to direct it towards the goal.6:31 p.m

  • 33 ‘

    Lookman is shut down by Becao, then fouls Arsalan.6:34 p.m

  • 35 ‘

    LOVRIC was booked for foul play on Boga.6.35pm

  • 36 ‘

    A free kick by the Koopmeiners, the ball loose in the area, Hojlund failed to finish towards the goal.6:37 p.m

  • 38 ‘

    Central shot from outside the area by Koopmeiners, relaxed grip by Silvestri.6:38 p.m

  • 39 ‘

    Udinese’s counter-attack, led by Success, closes in on Maehle on Wallace.6.40pm

  • 40′

    A muscle problem for the Koopmeiners, the health workers at the stadium.6.40pm

  • 41 ‘

    Substitute Teun Koopmeiners Ederson José dos Santos Lourenço da Silva6.40pm

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