The new “small ring” scam has become very popular; What it is and how to defend yourself

The new “small ring” scam has become very popular;  What it is and how to defend yourself

The Wangiri 2.0 scam is becoming popular (Image source:

Waves Telephone and digital scams. The most popular today is the missed call scam, called wangiri in the new version 2.0.

the term ‘Wangiri 2.0‘, As mentioned printing“, comes from the Japanese and means”Loop and hang‘. This type of phone fraud involves making a large number of short calls in quick succession to potential victims. Fraudsters may then direct victims to premium numbers, which incur very high fees per minute of conversation, or telephone service businesses. Premium.

But it should be noted that the main difference lies inbell‘. When you remember the “ring” that keeps the victim on hold, this is actually pre-recorded and the call begins immediately. Furthermore, the ringing lasts longer than usual, resulting in increased costs.

The victims of this fraud are first and foremost Companies, especially those that make international calls, such as call centers and customer support services for large organizations. In businesses, callback rates are higher than in the original version of the scam, as customer services tend to call back unknown numbers frequently. For this reason, it is important to make employees aware of the risks associated with these scams, thus increasing awareness within the company to prevent financial losses.

But how can you protect yourself from wangiri 2.0?

The first step is to understand how these scams work so you can recognize and avoid them. Most smartphones on the market are able to identify if calls are “spam” (unwanted) and block them automatically. If this functionality is not available, there are apps (such as Truecaller, available for both Android and iOS) that automatically identify and block suspicious calls. Moreover, many phone operators already offer these services as part of their security packages. Obviously, one of the most effective ways to avoid getting caught in Wangiri 2.0 is to not call unknown numbers, especially international numbers.

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