Truss is the leader of the neo-conservative party, and is now the British Prime Minister – Europe

Truss is the leader of the neo-conservative party, and is now the British Prime Minister – Europe

Boris Johnson is taking his leave This morning from Downing Street before traveling to Balmoral in Scotland to “pass the wand” to Liz Truss, she said. In front of his family and supporters, he reiterated that he was proud of what he had done during his 3 years of rule, stressing the military support given to Kyiv against Russia which he said could help Ukraine turn the tide of the “worst war”. In Europe in 40 years ”, but also a decrease in unemployment. As for the current economic crisis, he blamed in part on Vladimir Buterin who, in any case, would not be able to “bully” the kingdom and its people.

Johnson said he wanted to “return to the plow” of behind-the-scenes political work, and thus indirectly confirmed that he wanted to retain his seat as MP to secure the “most enthusiastic support” of his successor, Liz Truss, to date. The foreign minister was elected yesterday as a new leader of the Conservative Party as his successor and is set to succeed him at a later date as Prime Minister after handing over power to the Queen at Balmoral. Pogo then demanded his work and thanked the “British people” among others in an emotional tone.

The prime minister – the third in British history and a Conservative like the other two – is trying to turn the legislature back and rock a crisis-threatened UK by promising a rush to the right perhaps unprecedented in programs and rhetoric. Liz Truss, born in 1975, is now the new leader of the Conservative Party, the majority force in Westminster: chosen by the membership base to automatically succeed Boris Johnson, overshadowed by scandals and intrigue in July, as prime minister. The long-awaited announcement came with the reading of the outcome of the latest run-off between her, the current foreign minister who has remained loyal to Pogo until the last minute and 42-year-old Rishi Sunak, the former treasurer of the Indian family. Roots who a month and a half ago, with his exit from government, paved the way for the downfall of the victor in the general election three years ago. Endorsed by Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 committee overseeing the standoff in the House of the Conservative Party, Liz received 57.4% of the 172,000 votes cast by the gunmen against Sunak of 42.6: a net advantage, even if less surplus than It was expected. Some polls are about ten points lower than Boris Johnson’s score in 2019.

In any case, there is more than enough margin to open the door of 10 Downing Street for her and to ensure her the usual ovation of the party crowd. They gathered in Westminster, on the day rooms reopened after the summer break, for the traditional party of proclamation clapping – after persistent internal divisions. Then followed the new leader’s first appearance on the podium: ready at this point to inherit the reins of government from Johnson tomorrow, as part of handing over 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth – unable to make the extra 1,000km journey to London – he would head for the first time from the summer residence. The Scotsman at Balmoral, and would receive in quick succession the fourteenth and fifteenth performances of his 70-year reign as a man of heights. As always, Truss Monocord in his blue suit in the colors of the Conservative Party banners, announced himself by repeating the platform slogans of “Courage”, and “True Conservative”. Made with references to the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher legend and commitment to intrinsic programmatic continuity (if not in relation to the most controversial aspects of individual behavior) regarding “Boris”: the man who was a mid-level minister 12 months ago has been promoted to holder Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; That night he received the last salutation of thanks from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Complete continuity in foreign policy, characterized in particular by the desire to remain at the forefront of Kyiv’s support, including military support, against the Russian invasion (not without going so far as to declare a nuclear deterrent), as well as standing up to the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol and post-files other divorces; Corrected by the stricter ideological undertones of the laissez-faire matrix of economic matters, with the promise of assistance to families against exorbitant life and energy bills – at a time of record inflation – by generalized tax cuts, the rich in consideration, to mark “growth over redistribution”. Meanwhile, it congratulates allies and partners (including Mario Draghi and Georgia Meloni) from the world. In the case of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, seasoned with cautionary hope about the need for a “constructive relationship” with Brussels on the basis of “compliance with our agreements”. While there is already controversy from the Labor opposition seats in the House of Commons, its leader, Keir Starmer, has shown he is ready to immediately denounce the tax ax as a wrong priority and ask Truss where he will “get the money”. In addition to her challenge to come under direct scrutiny of the now-fugning popular legitimacy, in the absence of the prospect of an early election Liz has so far excluded her, insisting that she wants to reach the end of the legislative “end of 2024.” . But that could be forced to face it anyway, against the backdrop of the relentless new inner Tory fronds already looking in the mirror: without even ruling out a counter-coup in the coming months to try to replace her with Johnson. whose shadow – despite everything and despite declared support or calls for unity – remained weary behind.

Quoting TASS, Kremlin For his part, he stressed that he does not expect changes in relations between Moscow and London with the arrival of Liz Truss to Downing Street as the new British Prime Minister.

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