Trump’s shadow on war in Ukraine: Here’s what could happen

Trump’s shadow on war in Ukraine: Here’s what could happen

The specter of a possible returnisolationism The United States is starting to worry about the Ukrainian war front: what could a new Trump administration bring? According to theEconomist Second period of Donald Trump “will act”The greatest danger The World” for the year 2024. The exploitation of the famous English economic magazine, objectively far from the moderate and neutral tones befitting the British style, announces a wave of concern about “The fate of the world“which depends on”A few tens of thousands of voters“L”A handful of countriesWho will express their preference in the 2024 US presidential election.

The concern centers on the premise that a possible electoral victory for the Republican Party with Donald Trump as the nominee could encourage or even favor the Russian president’s international interests. Russian President Vladimir Putin Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping. It represents a “major threat” to the United States of America, but it also represents a “major threat” to the balance of the Old Continent. Analysts warn that this could particularly affect the ongoing conflict in particular. Ukraine: For some, the last bastion of “Western” Europe.

During the recently concluded International Security Conference in Halifax, American and European politicians included among the topics under discussion the “possibility” of a new war. Second Trump administration “This may lead, according to some, to push the White House towards a gradual retreat.”Unscrew“From the commitment made by the Biden administration, and by extension many NATO members, with the Kiev government continuing to lead Volodymyr Zelensky.

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According to them, including many political figures in the current US government who will “lose” their seats if the Republicans win, Trump himself “threatened to leave the Atlantic alliance” after long demanding increased investments in the alliance. It is possible that all NATO member states will abandon Ukraine thanks to a new wave of isolationism that it could promote. With the consequent risk that a slice of Ukrainian lands Occupied by Moscow’s soldiers and mercenaries, it becomes de facto part of Russia. As happened to Crimea.

These fears were also reported by the website’s specialized correspondent One defensewho attended during an informal dinner”Various European and Ukrainian military and government officialsHe cited the concerns of those contemplating a new Trump presidency that could follow precisely “a new era of history.” isolationismHe concluded that “nothing can replace America’s role in supporting Ukraine.”

The “wars” that Biden faces

Democratic President Joe BidenWhich blew out 81 candles last November 20, will be “low in the opinion polls” for the 2024 presidential elections. With a support rate of 40%, which is an additional decline after the support that the United States gave to Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. Denying him his endorsement would specifically target younger voters. Many gods I wake up.

Published polls The New York Times They put Biden behind Trump inFive of the six major countries“From the United States. According to the New York newspaper, Trump leads by 3-10 points Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan And PennsylvaniaWhile Biden will advance in Wisconsin. Considered the Republican favorite, Trump edged out Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Chris Christie. Nothing, not even his criminal rackets, seemed to be able to slow what was long considered an ominous and “dangerous” new rise to the seat of the Oval Office. Thus, while US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin As Ukraine continues to reassure itself of US commitment despite the concurrent conflict in Gaza, which saw, as expected, the immediate deployment of US forces as guarantor of the Jewish state in the region, opinion polls confirm Ukraine’s “fears” of all those who fear the return of Donald.

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