Trump also wins New Hampshire, and already has the Republican nomination in his pocket

Trump also wins New Hampshire, and already has the Republican nomination in his pocket

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Former President Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire, defeating the former ambassador to the United States UN Nikki Haley is in a state where she was hoping to beat the party leader.

The victory of Trump, who faces 91 charges in four criminal cases and several pending civil and criminal cases, confirms his popularity within the Republican Party and effectively ends the race for the presidency.

Officially, Trump would still need to win the nomination mathematically — which could happen in mid-March, though the primaries would technically run until June — because he officially needs 1,215 delegates. But with New Hampshire's win, the race is pretty much over, as it's impossible for Healy to beat it.

New Hampshire is a state where Republicans are much more moderate and can vote independently in primaries, which fueled Haley's hopes. Preliminary results of opinion polls showed that slightly less than half of voters in the Republican primaries personally sympathized with the party. On the other hand, more than 40% identified themselves as independents and just under 10% identified themselves as Democrats. However, this was not enough, and while Haley won in many urban areas and among highly educated voters, Trump made up for that victory in the rest of the state.

Former Republican presidential candidate South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley hugs a voter outside a polling place at Winnacunnet High School on primary election day in Hampton, New Hampshire on January 23, 2024. (Photo by C.J. Gunter)

The former president has spent much of this campaign cycle, including the critical time between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, moving from campaign rallies to court appearances and spreading a campaign message of revenge against his political rivals.

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Meanwhile, Haley has emerged as the party's only viable competitive alternative to Trump, presenting herself as the face of new conservative leadership and portraying the former president as someone who will lead the country into “four more years of chaos.”

A problem for Biden regarding Palestine

During the vote in New Hampshire, pro-Palestinian protesters repeatedly disrupted an event for President Biden in Virginia chanting “Genocide atmosphere!” and “Ceasefire Now!”, making it difficult for Biden to speak at an event centered around the right to abortion. “They really mean what they say,” Biden said after the first two protesters interrupted him.

But then several protesters interrupted him every time he tried to speak, a clear sign of the problems his campaign for unconditional support for Israel could face. Biden already faced protesters demanding a Gaza ceasefire in South Carolina earlier this month, and has been the subject of protests on nearly every trip he has taken since the beginning of the Gaza conflict, due to his pro-Israel stance.

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