Trump agreed to hang Vice President Mike Pence

Trump agreed to hang Vice President Mike Pence

A new storm is over Donald Trump, who on the day of the attack on Capitol Hill would have approved the idea – no one knows how serious – to hang his Vice President Mike Pence.

Donald Trump would have accepted the idea—nobody knows how serious—to hang his then Vice President Mike Pence, after the Capitol Hill assailants he incited began singing “hang Mike Pence,” which the president referred to as a “traitor” for failing to comply with his request to veto the presidential vote. This was written by some American media, citing testimonies submitted to the Parliamentary Committee to investigate the assault by Congress.

According to reports received by parliamentarians, he was chief of staff for the White House at the time, Mark Meadows, who was in the dining room outside the Oval Office with Trump at the time of the attack, told people that the president had accepted the idea of ​​hanging his vice president. Supporters of the US president at the time were angry with Pence over his decision to approve the electoral votes that indicated Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. However, Politico claims that it cannot independently verify the authenticity of this information, let alone whether Trump’s intentions were real or a bad joke.

Trump spokesman: ‘Smear campaign against him’

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Bowdwich, has protested this premise, saying that an attack against the former White House chief would be a smear campaign orchestrated by political opponents. “Americans are sick of democratic lies and charades, but alas, that’s the only thing they have to offer.” One of Meadows’ lawyers, who declined to be named, told Politico that the report was “completely wrong” with his client. In any case, Meadows refused to testify before the Select Committee to Investigate the Capitol Assault. Last December, the House of Representatives accused Trump’s former chief of staff of outrage before Congress and referred him to the Department of Justice in a criminal case. The testimony in the Meadows report represents one of the committee’s most substantiated allegations about Trump’s state of mind on the day of the attack on Congress. The team reconstructed the billionaire’s actions, comments and moves point by point on that day, paying special attention to his actions as violence escalated. According to what appeared to be, Trump last spoke with Pence at 11.20 on January 6, before the attack on the Capitol, urging him to refuse to certify the vote count.

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