The U.S. Senate gives the first two green lights to judges appointed by Biden

The U.S. Senate gives the first two green lights to judges appointed by Biden

The senators approved the appointment of Julian Xavier Niels to the Federal District Court of New Jersey, and then to Regina Rodriguez, who was appointed to the Federal District Court of Colorado.

First, the 56-year-old African-American candidate was approved by 66 votes to 33, and second, by 57 votes of Mexican and Japanese descent, by a margin of 72 votes to 28.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer a Milestone For a new democratic administration.

All of them The Democrat-led Senate is the first of many judges to consider [la nomination] In order to restore the balance of the federal judiciary, He said straight before the vote.

The massive attendance of more than 230 Conservative judges appointed to different courts during Donald Trump’s single term has changed the ideological stance of many courts, including the Supreme Court, which was completed by the Republican Party. Appoint three judges.

Both future judges will be able to sit in their respective courts a few years after the failed appointments in the Senate with a Republican majority. They were both appointed by Democratic President Barack Obama in 2015, but their appointments expired because they did not vote in front of all elected officials.

Mr. Niels currently serves as Bergen County’s interim administrator and legal adviser. Ms. Rodriguez is a former federal lawyer who became a partner in a law firm.

More different courts

Ahead of the vote, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin said both candidates would be brought to the country’s courts within the Senate premises. The diversity of experience and statistics makes them so badly needed.

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The face of justice is often as important as the facts of justice, He pleaded.

The appointments Joe Biden has made so far point not only to an ideological shift, but also to a demographic shift beyond the Senate stage. Of the 19 people nominated by President Biden, more than half are women and many are diversity.

By comparison, 84% of the judges appointed by his predecessor were white and 76% male.

Joe Biden, for example, announced the appointment of 50-year-old African-American lawyer Ketanji Brown Jackson to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. The post was vacant by Merrick Garland, Became Secretary of the United States Department of Justice In the administration of Biden.

This tribunal, the most valuable after the Supreme Court, should try within its jurisdiction several important cases relating to the files of Congress and government agencies.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is considered a candidate for the post of Supreme Court judge if a seat is ever available. Joe Biden has already made it clear that if given the chance, he would be the first person to be chosen by the Supreme Court of the land as a black woman.

The US President also appointed 45-year-old Zahid Qureshi to the New Jersey Federal District Court. He was the first Muslim to sit on the bench of a federal district court.

According to the official website of the U.S. Federal Courts, there are currently 85 judicial positions to be filled, with nearly thirty additional seats to be added in the next few months.

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