The denied penalty kick and the red card for Paredes, the Lukaku chaos, what the referee said to the players

The denied penalty kick and the red card for Paredes, the Lukaku chaos, what the referee said to the players

He has a fair amount of experience, having managed the Italian League since 2014 (Debut in Chievo-Inter 2-1) Manganiello, Rocchi’s choice for the Roma-Genoa match, is in the third division. From 2022, he will also officiate some Cypriot Championship matches. trend no. 91st in the Italian League, and tenth in the current championship for him, but how was the performance of the referee from Pinerolo at the Stadio Olimpico yesterday?

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History of Manganiello with Rome and Genoa

Manganiello has previously met Genoa 11 times in his career, with a positive result for the Rossoblu: 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats. The last match came before the Griffoni’s 2-1 win in Verona on 7 April. Other victories came in 2020-21 with Spezia and Napoli and in 2017-18 in the Italian Cup with Crotone and Cesena. The last defeat was on April 10, 2022, against Lazio at home, 4-1. Pinerolo’s whistle was a good luck charm for Roma, as he coached the Giallorossi on 10 occasions with 9 victories and only one defeat, which was certainly a heavy defeat: 7-1 in the Italian Cup against Fiorentina in 2019. This season, the paths of the Black Jacket and the Capitol have crossed only once, in Roma’s 1-0 win over Sassuolo on March 17.

The referee warned one of the players and sent off another

With the help of assistants Dei Giudici and Moreau with Cosso’s fourth man, Patrna al var y perito alvar, The referee sent off Paredes in the 72nd minute and warned Lukaku in the 79th minute, both from Roma.

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Rome-Genoa, slow motion issues

These are questionable episodes. In the 14th minute, the referee allowed Ekuban to be offside, creating a great danger for Svilar: the assistant waved the flag at the end of the action, an action that would have allowed VAR to intervene in the event of a goal for Genoa. . In the 17th minute, Genoa was denied a free kick from an interesting position and card Yellow due to a handball from Llorente Who blocks a shot from Retegui. Wrong decision by Manganiello.

In the 72nd minute, Paredes was first cautioned and then immediately sent off by Manganiello for a few too many words due to an intervention on the Giallorossi, which the referee did not consider a foul. In the 76th minute, Roma called for a penalty kick for a handball that did not exist: a Genoa player touched it from the ground with his thigh. Finally, in the 79th minute, Lukaku was booked for excessive celebration: the striker scored and took off his shirt: He’s been warned He will miss the final championship match. The Roma-Genoa match could have been his last match for the Giallorossi. After the expulsion, the referee said to the objectors: “You’ve all heard it.”.

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