“Tomorrow he will be the best players on the pitch. Minyan will play in the goal, and Giroud will be in the lead”

Stefano Pioli, on the eve of the Coppa Italia match against Genoa, made these statements to the SportMediaset microphones:

What do you expect tomorrow night?
“The Italian Cup is an opportunity to show our capabilities. We have to do our best in every competition.”

What is your goal in the Italian Cup?
“The first goal is to win tomorrow. Genoa is going through a delicate moment, so I expect a very determined team. We must be ready and ready to play a great game.”

Will Giroud play tomorrow?
“Yes, Ibra will not be there, it is a shame because we lost an important substitute during the match. Giroud is fine, he is close to his perfect condition. He will be leading our attack tomorrow.”

Who will play on goal tomorrow?
“Tomorrow we will play the best team, so Minan will play. Tatarusano has been away for a week, I don’t know if he will be available for tomorrow.”

What do you expect from Rebek?
“Everyone who has recovered from an injury needs training, as well as playing to put minutes into their legs.”

For seven it will be a special evening…
“Shiva is smart, he is a capable coach and I wish him all the best in his career. Unfortunately, all coaches have such a moment, but he is a smart person and will know how to get the best even in this difficult situation.”

Do you aspire to win the Italian Cup?
“Our goal is to win the next game, let’s not look too far ahead. The team prepared well, came out well from the gun game. We are not much back yet, but we are the right people to try and put in a good performance.”

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Is tomorrow a test to see Daniel Maldini’s progress as well?
“Daniel is doing well and growing a lot. He is a more complete player than last year, tomorrow could be a good opportunity for him as well.”

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