Balaguerí incorporates artificial intelligence into creating online sales web pages for businesses

Balaguerí incorporates artificial intelligence into creating online sales web pages for businesses

Kolau, a technology startup founded by Barcelona-based Dani Sanchez Molla of Balaguer, has launched the world’s first website builder created entirely by artificial intelligence (AI). Technology that, according to its founder, should help small businesses catch up with online sales. “They can create a website to sell online in just 58 seconds,” explains Sanchez Molla.

In addition, the origin of this businessman in Lleida led him to decide to offer this service free of charge to Lleida companies through the portal

They explained from Colao that of the 604,000 companies currently present in Catalonia, according to data from the Ministry of Business and Labor of the General Government of Catalonia, 98% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and among them stand out those that do not have employees (54%) and those that have Between 1 and 9 employees (38%), according to the January 2024 census of the Ministry of Industry. Only 28% have a website with a payment button according to the Business Competitiveness Monitor of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in November 2023.

This launch aims to bridge the digital divide in the state and allow any business to create its website for free in less than one minute and without the need for prior knowledge, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Colao, founded in San Francisco (USA) and headquartered in Barcelona, ​​is the largest web builder in Latin America, having signed cooperation agreements with the Organization of American States, and the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica.

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“Integrating AI into the web creation process allows us to remove the three barriers that have prevented small businesses from creating and managing their online store: time, complexity and cost. This has been our mission from the beginning and we will continue to develop our technology in this direction,” says Kolau CEO and founder.

Kolau combines the two main AI models of the current standard OpenAI, DALL·E 3 (Text-to-Image Model) and ChatGPT (Large Language Model) along with its own machine learning algorithms for the web creation process. Businesses can then edit the created content from the editor.

The technology company’s goal is to bring e-commerce to more than 100,000 Spanish SMEs annually, to overcome within 5 years the barrier of 50 percent of SMEs with e-commerce in the country.

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