TMW EXCLUSIVE – Enzo Fernandez Milan, Guastadisño: “Yeah, last summer was really close…”

TMW EXCLUSIVE – Enzo Fernandez Milan, Guastadisño: “Yeah, last summer was really close…”


Enzo Fernandez He is the soccer player at the moment. The best young player of the past World Cup, world champion Argentina, midfielder Benfica That which was paid just a few months ago €16m (for 75% of the price) is now worth €120. Chelsea are in fact willing to pay a termination clause in order to snatch the player born in 2001 from Manuel Rui Costa, the manager from the Eagles who hopes to keep him in Lisbon. Until next summer, but he will hardly succeed.

An elusive day for any Italian club, Enzo Fernandez was very close to moving to our country last summer. He himself was so hopeful of getting into Serie A that last June – before saying yes to Benfica – made sure no offers arrived from Milan and Fiorentina. “He wanted to move to Italy and I would also have been happy to bring him. We worked on that possibility for a long time and then Benfica were good at moving at the right time and closing the deal with River Plate in mid-July,” he told EXCLUSIVELY to our mics. Martin GuastadrawingLawyer who acted as mediator for Italy in negotiations between Enzo Fernandez and Italian clubs

Guastadisegno spoke into our microphones and then focused on negotiating with the Rossoneri, revealing the mission of the Rossoneri scout to Argentina: “Contacts with Milan start in March and in May, Jeffrey Moncada is in Argentina to talk to the player and see him play live. He would have accepted a runaway, he wanted Italy, and on Al Fur said yes to the possibility of moving to the Rossoneri.
Fiorentina also made a concrete move but – just like the Rossoneri – didn’t make any offers. “And in the end it went to Portugal – he continues – but I am convinced that if Benfica had waited a little longer than Italy, the offer would have arrived, especially from Milan who showed great interest and probably just needed some time to craft their proposal. It was really close. It was really a shame…”

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The rest of the story is known. Enzo Fernandez moved to Benfica, a club that after a few months was ready to make the 2001-born midfielder the highest-paid Argentine footballer of all time.

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