Abstract and cover photo revealed – Multiplayer.it

Abstract and cover photo revealed – Multiplayer.it

As we have already explained to you, the game Silent Hill: The Short Message It is rated in Taiwan for PS5. This is not one of the projects officially confirmed by Konami, but it has already been talked about with the codename Sakura. Now, let’s go through some more details via the summary and a photo cover.

over there summaryTranslated from Chinese to English, an automatic translator says: “Anita arrives at an abandoned apartment to meet her friend Maya and somehow wakes up to find herself trapped inside. She must escape from her fears and the monsters that hide in the corridors. Discover the truth behind the trauma and try to escape before the trauma consumes his will in life “.

a Another interesting detail It is related to the fact that it is content developed directly by Konami and not by an outside team. We remind you that a remake of Chapter Two is in production at Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear, Observer) while Silent Hill Ascension is in development at Bad Robot Games. Finally, Silent Hill f is made by NeoBards Entertainment.

According to the above, the SMS should be Silent Hill A kind of free introductory game For another Silent Hill chapter. Among the more defining features of this is the fact that it will also communicate with the player via messages on the smartphone. But for now, it is only speculation regarding the leakers.

We also remember that Silent Hill 2 Remake may never make it to Xbox, at least according to what Microsoft indicates.

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