Thousands of people reject Miley's shocking plan in the streets

Thousands of people reject Miley's shocking plan in the streets

Yesterday, before the courts, in the heart of Buenos Aires, the labor movement and the left expressed their rejection of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) issued by the government of Javier Meli, which includes more than 300 measures seeking deregulation. “Economy, severely reduced workers' rights, including the right to strike, enabled sale of land to foreigners and privatization of state-owned enterprises.” “This is against workers, retirees and the state,” said Pablo Moyano of the truck drivers union.

Thousands of people accompanied him. Hector Dier, leader of the CNT, said: “The CNT must be overthrown. If it is imposed it will change this country forever.” While the demonstration was taking place, labor judge José Ignacio Ramone rejected the precautionary measure to block the validity of the DNU, which the labor organization had brought.

The end of democracy

Miley, who assumed the presidency on December 10, has already had to deal with left-wing mobilization and two powerful coups in the country's major cities. Yesterday's protests took place amid hyperinflation of 30% per month, which accelerated after a 118% devaluation of the local currency, the announcement of the layoffs of 7,000 government employees and spending cuts in parliament for a new law to deepen the shock programme. “There is a man who has decreed the end of democracy by declaring himself king. The only ones who benefit from this are corporations and friends of power – said social leader Juan Grabois -. We are witnessing a soft coup” because he mocks Congress.

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Miley stressed that if the National Legislative Council does not give the green light to his National Unity Unit, he will call for a popular consultation. “I would call a plebiscite and ask them to explain to me why Congress opposes something that is in the interest of the people. Let them explain to me, because the people understand it very well. The huge decree has more than 75% approval,” the president said during a television interview. Polls do not inform About this support.

“Let him hold a public referendum, and we will see how much support he has,” said Sergio Palazzo, a banking unionist. Constitutionalist Andres Gil Dominguez warned that Miley is not aware of institutional performance. “Binding popular consultations are called by Congress and must be voted on by a majority. To be valid, more than 35% of the electoral list must have participated.”

The mobilization took place despite the protocol arranged by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich. As happened last week, the government campaigned via loudspeakers at train stations to discourage the march. In turn, Bullrich ordered the strengthening of federal forces' control over the entrances to the capital.

“Three marches within 16 days of taking over government, can’t they accept their loss?” Miley asked himself when interviewed by La Nación+. The president accused the representatives and senators who oppose the DNU of not being “aware of the seriousness of the situation.” In his opinion, “they do not want to leave the cave.” According to Miley, his conservative revolution aims to “fundamentally” modify Argentina’s productive, labor and institutional matrix to leave behind a century of illusory “collectivism.” Those who seek to disrupt this change are “nostalgic for communism.” And not only that. The head of state suggested that members of the bicameral parliamentary committee that must analyze the huge decree “are all corrupt” and “looking for coima (bribes).”

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Miley and her entourage believe that the wave of transformation will not stop with this level of turmoil. To feel calm, he traveled to the resort of Mar del Plata, 400 kilometers south of the capital, to watch the play of his friend Fatima Flores, who had just presented her new number, an imitation of the president.

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