Israeli soldiers tie a wounded Palestinian to the hood of a jeep and parade him around Jenin

A photo of an Israeli all-terrain military vehicle equipped with house A wounded Palestinian tied to the hood of a car He has once again sounded the alarm about violations of military protocols in the conflict in Gaza and the West Bank.

The events took place this Saturday during one Raid the city of JeninIn the northern West Bank, this was confirmed by several news agencies and the Israeli army itself.

The family of the injured Mujahid Azmi explained that they have Shot during the raid When they called for an ambulance, the soldiers took him, tied him in the jeep, and left.

Raafat Azmi, the victim’s cousin, narrated that Mujahid was injured “for two or three hours,” and that the army “put him on the hood” and promised to take him to the hospital:

However, in the video you can see how They show him lying on the front of a military vehicle While passing by two ambulances.

Humanitarian organization Palestinian Red Crescent X was denounced That the soldiers “prevented” Its emergency teams treated the injured person and transported him to the hospital.

Subsequent information confirms this The man didn’t die He was able to receive medical treatment.

The army acknowledges the facts and promises to conduct an investigation

Tel Aviv forces recognized this action Violates military protocols And the usual standards in such conflicts. He promised to investigate the facts and act “accordingly.”

He added, “The behavior that appeared in the video does not comply with the orders of the armed forces and what is expected of its soldiers.”

the Violence in the West BankWhich was already on the rise before the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and has intensified since its beginning. Army raids are frequent as well Attacks by Jewish settlers To the Palestinian people.

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With more than 520 people killed, 2023 was the deadliest year in the West Bank in two decades. And in what we have from 2024, At least 222 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fireMost of them are suspected militiamen, but also civilians and about 44 minors.

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