Snowfall at low altitudes whitens Montseny and Montserrat

Snowfall at low altitudes whitens Montseny and Montserrat

BarcelonaIt snowed in Catalonia, and it snowed in areas that don't normally see white. Snow appeared at altitudes above 500 meters inside the country during the morning and afternoon of Sunday. Thus, for example, between 5 and 10 centimeters have accumulated in several towns of Osuna such as Vic, Veladrão or Espinilves, El Moyanes (Colsuspina, Moya) and Montseny, such as San Hilary de Sacalme.

Snow also fell in mountainous areas in the pre-southern region, such as the Paradise Mountains and the Montsant Mountain Range. It even snows a few kilometers from Barcelona. In Pegues, about 30 kilometers from the Catalan capital, they woke up to snow falling from the sky.

Snow also fell in the Montserrat mountain range. From a distance, the famous mountains appear white, as shared by many users on social media. According to the Meteorological Service of Catalonia, the precipitation will slowly disappear, and at noon the sun and strong winds will prevail, especially in Empordá, Ebro and the high altitudes of the Pyrenees. In fact, winds of up to 138 km/ha have already been recorded in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, 135 km/ha in Portbou, 127 km/ha in Mas de Barberanes, 110 km/ha in Perillo and 107 km/ha. hectares in Mont-roig del Camp, according to data from the automatic stations Meteocat and Meteoclimatic

At higher altitudes, such as Tocis and Neva, at more than 1,000 metres, the landscape was completely deserted. The same thing happened at Rasos de Peguera, in Brigida, located at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

About fifteen roads are experiencing complications due to snow and ice with two closed: the C-28 in the port of Bonaigua and the TV-7092 between Villaplana and Arboli. Chains are required on the N-260 in Bonaigua Port; and C-28, in the section between Vielha and Baqueira; N-141 in Bossòst, and L-501 and L-500 in Val de Puy.

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Caution is recommended on the transverse axis (C-25) due to snow and ice on the 25 km route between Sant Julià de Vilatorta (Osona) and Arbúcies (Selva) via the Revell pass, as well as on TV – 7004 between Oldemulins and Valclara.

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