Those questions from the United States regarding the death of Pope Luciani

Circumstances in which he died Pope John Paul IBorn Albino Luciani, They are still at the center of various press investigations. The Italian pope who lasted a few weeks on Peter’s throne did not stop occupying the hearts of the faithful. The recognition of a miracle – the healing of a South American woman – is also open to sanctification.

The process of confirming that he was “blessed” continues, and the chronicle continues to deal with how John Paul I died. Over the years, more background emerged. Most of the time the result is conspiracy and intrigue. Louisiana’s motives Someone lived up to the community of Jesus. In short, it also deals with the vision of the last Italian sovereign pope.

Washington Post article

On September 28, 1978, the American newspaper again raised some questions about John Paul’s death Washington Post. To the official newspaper In the United States, there are enough elements to say that the story surrounding the disappearance of a former Venetian patriot is “still evolving.” In short, this is an unresolved case.

It is worth underlining how the official Vatican note at the time spoke of natural causes. So, Sikh, there has never been a real “mystery”. But not everyone – well known – thinks this way. One of the well-known hypotheses is poison: a recommendation that has never been confirmed. According to what was withdrawn byPlayed, தி American newspaper In a substantial study he wrote the following. “A small number of people entered the case, each taking a completely different approach, and only a few approached the facts. John Paul I’s legacy was defined by mystery and intrigue, rather than recorded by competing efforts.”, They write Wp.

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Therefore, according to the media, there will still be elements that need to be clarified not only in death, but also in the period to come, which may have had an impact on how Louisiana’s death was justified and told. A moment that still reflects a dramatic and painful chapter in history Church. Nevertheless, we feel obligated to do so: when dealing with the Vatican, scenes with a series of “mysteries” are often drawn. The circumstances of the death of the last Italian pope have often given way to questionable reconstructions and deliberate conspiracy theories.

Questions from the Washington Post about Louisiana

The Washington Post It does not stop at simple analysis, but asks two questions. Both can be known as a job Reconstruction David Yalop, crime writer, published in the first half of the 1980s. “In the name of God“.”Why did the Vatican falsely report who discovered the pope’s lifeless body? Why was the embalming done in a hurry without an autopsy?“. These two questions, according to Mail, To respond. Perhaps by that time the “Louisiana case” would have been considered settled.

Great is true American print Restarting the matter, however, it already has its own important message. And this is a point to consider for both the Church and the Vatican and the visions offered abroad.

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