Will the crisis “reward” telecom companies, rebalancing European-American structures?

Will the crisis “reward” telecom companies, rebalancing European-American structures?

US economy shakes: Net decline of large technology accounts They are bothering the United States. Nasdaq has been in the past few hours Pulled by the Meta rush whose stock has lost nearly 25% (more than -60% since the beginning of the year). Amazon lost 16%. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has left nearly 7 on the road%. The only one in recovery among Gafa is Apple, but the Apple title has been suffering since the beginning of the year.

Quarterly results are more disappointing than market expectations But the crisis bites, one broke out as a result of The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine And the series since then High interest rates and inflation. An unprecedented situation that requires caution against year-end forecasts, especially in 2023.

TLC, the most flexible in Europe

Coming to Europe, the continent of TLC, the situation seems less alarming: Despite the unattractive quarterly reports There is no stock market shock with respect to operators, who have been used for years to underperform in relation to the strategic value of assets (networks).). Click on the lens In Italy, the quarterly report results appear to be fairly stable with a partially improving trend. Fastweb is an exception and continues its run, posting the 37th consecutive quarter on the rise.

Do you know how to implement an IT revolution starting from the deepest processes?

The “resilience” shown in the acute phase of the pandemic presents an important crush test, even if what the economy is exposed to these days is much heavier and more dangerous. It is no coincidence that tremors are not ruled out for the next few months. However, looking to the future, the outlook becomes more attractive to telecom companies than to higher-ups: Major global funds continue to invest in networks, with large stakes.

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Mutual Funds Focus on Tlc

In our country, Kkr (Tim) and Macquaire (Open Fiber) are the main protagonists in the unified network file match. It should not be forgotten Ardian weight in Inwit and Asterion in Retelit and Irides, to list the most recent transactions. sign of it The market believes in the capabilities of optical fibers and digital services equipped with other connectivity.

Tlc networks are also the backbone of any economy or industry Without TLC networks gThey cannot be at the top in expanding the scope of the markets. It is no coincidence that in Europe there is an attempt to tighten the circle around the commitment to contribute to the increased speed of building new ultra-wideband networks. Given the huge amount of traffic that web companies generate (think of the specific weight of just streaming).

Will Europe put the knife on the side of the handle?

For the first time in years, then, Europe can have more power in the “negotiations” with the American giants on a whole gamut of issues starting with the financial one.. While Network business is growing from online advertising (the main source of OTT state) which represents the pace of growth: Web companies are on alert and have Already announced plans to reorganize complete with staff cuts to restore land in the name of operational efficiency. For Facebook then thereThe Metaverse proved to be more complex than anticipated, with out-of-control expenses and disappointing numbers for the time being.

TLC unite and European champion

Telecom companies, for their part, have been reorganizing for some time with significant downsizing and asset sales. And the game is not over yet: nThe ancient continent breathes the air of unification. It’s been talked about for years but on this tour the gossip can turn into reality. TheHowever, many consider uniformity to be the key to voltsa, to allow for the economic sustainability of the sector and for its purposes To give life to the “heroes” of Europe who are able to play a more important role than it is today. Thus, reorganization seems inevitable in the telecommunications and digital worlds. Times are definitely changing.

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