So you risk losing all your savings: seek coverage immediately

So you risk losing all your savings: seek coverage immediately

Lose savings by leaving your money in the bank? Unfortunately, this is something that is possible, especially in current times: here’s how to defend your savings.

Money that disappears, as in a black cloud, simply by being held permanently in one’s bank account.

Yes, unfortunately that is the case, and as you can imagine, the person responsible for this terrible loss is himeconomic inflation Who does not stop fighting and tearing the country apart.

The most recent available data on it, which was made available to us in November 2022 through data from the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), gave us the inflation rate in11.8% In our country, but with a potential annual growth of 0.5 percent.

Data that is certainly worrying, especially for those who have their savings in the bank who may see them continually vanish because of this constant devaluation.

Savings in the bank, what to do? A professional broker tells us

So how can you save your bank savings from constant and continuous wear and tear? Rafael de Leonardes, banker of the Banca Mediolanum family, explains to us: “The problem is that the dangers” of eroding this important little fortress are more than real today. The data – he adds – tells us that after 20 years, those who had 1,000 euros in cash, in accounts or ‘under the mattress’ found themselves just under 590 purchasing power equivalents. A net loss due to inflation which has resumed impressively today (we are talking about 7%). In short, keeping that money unproductive is a missed opportunity that cannot be afforded in complex times like these.”

economic inflation

Therefore, experts say, those who leave a lot of money in checking accounts are mistaken. Once upon a time, those who preferred to put the same amount under a proverbial mattress were wrong. Investing is the only viable way to get rid of those unknowns that cloud one’s life trajectory: “It just doesn’t hold up,” says De Leonardis, the Oscar-winning author of Economics in which he tells 21 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet, to explain modern economics. – the argument of those who prefer not to realize their accumulated profits for fear of being torn apart by the cogs of the financial system, figuratively speaking. There are smart and less risky investment methods in which the risks are close to zero.

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