Beyond – time

Beyond – time

“Climate change doesn’t start fires, but it can cause long periods of drought, and when fires break out, or someone starts them, it becomes a big problem.” Paolo Sotocorona, meteorologist at La7, explains the relationship between climate warming, fires and some phenomena that have become alarming such as the “fire tornado”.

A mass of hot air stops over Italy: Sotocorona does not see the end of summer

in The video was published on the Tg La7 website, The expert displays maps of the wildfires that have struck Canada. Months of large fires that recorded a disturbing phenomenon seen on other occasions, but here documented with some videos: a whirlwind fueled by the heat of the fires, a “fire tornado.” “It develops in areas where fires burn due to the strong rise of the air, in this case due to the heat generated by the fire. When we talk about hell, it is nothing,” comments Sotocorona, who then shows smoke from the Canadian fires that broke out arriving to invade the air in New York.

African heat wave and 40 degrees again.  Temperatures rise

In short, “Climate change is not the problem of one country, it is the problem of everything because we are a global village,” the meteorologist comments, warning: “These phenomena are initially more harmful to people nearby but little by little they are harmful.” “The damage is being done to the entire world. Climate change does not just affect temperature or rainfall, it affects everything, directly or indirectly, and this is not a good prospect.”

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