Monferrato > From Galileo to Boson: Science Festival

Monferrato > From Galileo to Boson: Science Festival

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Saturday and Sunday at Liceo Palli in Casale

School initiative in its ninth edition

by Chiara Cane

A week of hard work and important satisfaction for the students of the Liceo Scientifico Palli, co-organizer and presenter of the 9th edition of the Science Festival entitled “Back to the Future of Science”, scheduled for Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March. An appointment that is eagerly awaited by all the schools in the district, so much so that Palli has already collected many bookings for visits from both primary and secondary schools, for a total of over 1,200 pupils.

Journey into the World of Science includes a leitmotif on the historical development of theories from Galileo to the Higgs boson, and over the weekend it will also be open to the public from 2.30pm to 5pm.

Mayor Federico Reboldi attended the inauguration last Tuesday, then spent more than an hour visiting the stands, praising the young people and letting their passion for science infect them.

A wide space will be given to the profound connection between mathematics and music, during the classical concert organized by the students of the school and directed by the young Jacopo Cavallotti (5B student in the third year of the conservatory).

The shining guest at the end of the event will be the General Manager of Energy Evolution at Eni Giuseppe Ricci, a native of Pontestura and a former student of the Palli Scientific High School. Ritchie will return to his school with a conference entitled “A Just and Sustainable Energy Transition,” thus tackling a very topical issue that will help Balinese students better understand the complex reality of our time.

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Almost all the students of the School of Bali, in various capacities and coordinated by Professors Roberto Corino, Roberta Ariotti, Valentina Fracasso and Paola Raselli, have participated in the realization of the event, right from the stage of conception of the experiments to be proposed.

Thus, the creator of the festival, Professor Corino, said: «It is with great pleasure that we become a reference school for scientific publishing and dealing with the world of science for the younger generations in the region; This is an important moment for our students, who have the opportunity to use and demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained during their school years.”

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