This is the best black vermouth in Catalonia

This is the best black vermouth in Catalonia

“Our award is the consistency award, because we have won it every year Some medals in the Finari AwardsOriol Abella, responsible for the wine project, speaks OlafHe does so in reference to the results of the Catalan wine competition, which announced the results of the tenth edition a few days ago. In fact, they have dozens of confessions, too better The wine For cocktails; The last medal winner gave them all three references on the market: the silver medal forOlaf Vermouth white; Gold Medal forOlaf Vermouth Reserva The grand prize is the grand gold medalOlaf Vermouth In the red vermouth category.

Olave Vermouth is considered the best red vermouth according to Vinari 2024

“The VINARI Awards act as a spokesperson for brands, but above all else “For an increasingly dynamic sector as a whole.”evaluates the person responsible for the award-winning project, and this, he will say, “One The vision we need. Because production in Catalonia is on the rise, the quality is increasingly unquestionable. “the Wine is a product for social consumptionas well as being a great ally of the art of cooking,” and for this reason, “we have to make it easy, that satisfies and is presented in a way that is natural among consumers’ preferences.”

Oriol Abella, in a recent photo with the winning wine | Image: provided

Winning wines

the black,Olaf Vermouth Abella explains that he is the most traditional of all. He recalls that in the past many of them were manufactured that had to be mixed with siphon or soda to reduce them, “We tried, in fact, to produce a more pleasant product,” although it is true that it has a more average grade – 16% by volume – compared to the products Other similar ones, “i.e This extra degree gives him more strength and more body“, he explains. As a result, a product that is “pleasant in the mouth, not at all overwhelming, and leaves an aftertaste of the plants” with which it was made.

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In caseOlaf Vermouth Blanc “We're looking for more freshness” to make it “easy to drink.” And Olaf Vermut Reserva It incorporates the aging time of traditional black wine in the shoe, achieving a product that “has a noticeable sophistication and greater aromatic intensity that the wood brings to it.”

Vinari Awards for the Best Catalan Wines 2024 honored the black wine as the best in its category | Photo: Geordie Bligh

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