Tim, studying debt relief with asset transfer

Tim, studying debt relief with asset transfer

we are It has a long-term horizon and will consist of the primary and secondary fixed network and domestic and international wholesale activities (Sparkle). “Netco can represent the first case in Europe to create a pole of fiber network infrastructures and technologies available to the entire market and with a wide presence throughout the national territory. It will focus on the wholesale market with the task of further accelerating the deployment of the fiber network, benefiting in the medium-long term from cycles Investment and typical relative returns of the infrastructure market” explains the note.

Servsco It is divided into three entities, Tim Enterprise, TIM Consumer and TIM Brasil. Tim Enterprise includes all businesses in the Enterprise Marketplace, digital companies Noovle, Olivetti, Telsy and data center related assets. “By leveraging a leadership position in general management and major clients and on a unique and differentiated global selling proposition – as Tim describes – it aims to gain shares in a growing market thanks to the push towards digital services. The company’s technical approach, which is increasingly integrating, also organizationally, is to offer a A comprehensive package that will fully enhance the uniqueness of the group’s skills and assets, driven by the cloud, Internet of Things and cybersecurity trends.”

Tim Consumer focuses all fixed and mobile business activities in the Retail Consumer and Small and Medium Business (SMB) market. Includes mobile network assets and service platforms. Labriola wants “a profound reorganization of its activities, based on simplification”. Finally, Tim Brasil who will “continue his march towards the ‘next generation of communications'”.

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Evaluation node of a single network

If the Board of Directors has laid the groundwork for network separation, the continued operation of Network One — which, as mentioned, is not at the center of Tim’s memo — remains to be seen. At the moment, negotiating margins to take out Vivendi (Tim’s number one shareholder at 23.8%) are falling from the valuation, which emerged from the leaked news in recent days, of 31 billion including ten billion debt, it would be low if not non-existent. However, the data, from what has been learned, would be far from an order of magnitude that “buyers”, or future contributors to the Unica network: Cdp, Kkr and Macquaire, would consider. Just as those 31 billion would be asymmetric in terms of market valuations, with business roles of between 17 billion and 21 billion for the network company. In this context, Tim will aim for a valuation of at least 25 billion euros.

Cdp . role

“Given the strategic nature of the government’s Single National Grid Project, we do not rule out that Cdp may launch, as a last resort, an acquisition offer of Tim jointly with Kkr/Macquarie, with a commitment with the European Antitrust to sell Tim’s retail business to the specified term. . (Iliad?) to ensure the absence of vertical integration,” Intermonte wrote in its memo on Wednesday, July 6th.

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