A new poll gives an absolute majority for independence, despite the significant decline of the left

A new poll gives an absolute majority for independence, despite the significant decline of the left

VilaWeb states that this article is based on the results of a survey and should be interpreted in this sense only: As stated, there are no guarantees that this data will be reflected in the final results.

According to a new survey conducted by Electomanía for Crónica Global,Independence will lead to an absolute majority With sixty-nine seats in the 2012 elections, although the peaceful council will win the elections with thirty-eight seats, five more than it has now, and with 27.4% of the vote. Together, with 33, they will be the second force, with one additional seat, while the ERC, with 28, will lose five representatives. The CUP would lose one and be left with eight MPs.

In parallel, the People's Party will increase its representation from three to twelve deputies; The House of Commons will be reduced from eight to five MPs; Fox will drop from the current eleven representatives to eight. For their part, the Citizens will disappear from Parliament with the loss of all six representatives. The survey was conducted from March 1 to 25 with a sample of one thousand interviews.

This poll leaves three options open to achieve an absolute majority. On the one hand, a leftist coalition that includes the Peaceful and Reformist Council and the Commons, which will reach seventy-one seats. On the other hand, the independence led majority Carles Puigdemont With the votes of the Equity and Reconciliation Council and the Union and Progress Party, which will bring together sixty-nine deputies. Finally, the understanding between the PSC and Junts would bring together seventy-one parliamentarians.

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By demarcating the borders, the PSC will achieve victory in Barcelona and Tarragona. For its part, Junts will remain the number one force in the Girona constituency and take Lleida to the ERC.

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